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The Episode begins with Kalyani coming to Moksh and requests that he wake up, and says with whom I will talk and take out my dissatisfaction. She requests that he wake up and discovers him oblivious. She yells and calls Sampada asking what did she do with Billu? Anupriya, Aao Saheb and others come there. Aao Saheb says call the specialist. Atharv takes Sampada outside the room. Anupriya calls Doctor and requests that he come quick, as something is originating from it. Specialist says he can’t come now. Aao Saheb requests that her call Rao Saheb’s specialist. Atharv reveals to Sampada that he made infant drink hack syrup. Sampada inquires as to for what reason did you influence him to have the hack syrup and tells that you are a fiend. Atharv says in the event that your child kicks the bucket, at that point Malhar won’t abandon you. Specialist checks Moksh and tells that he over rested, however is fine. It appears as somebody made him drink something. Kalyani asks Sampada what she made her beverage. She sees hack syrup and inquires as to whether this is the syrup. Atharv asks her not to fault Sampada and says you may have made him drink. Kalyani asks him not to upset her when the issue is of Billu. She endeavors to make Sampada drink the syrup. Sampada goes. Kalyani asks Moksh to begin talking soon and says you have dozed so much, presently you won’t rest. Anupriya expresses gratitude toward Doctor and says sorry for whatever occurred. Specialist says all moms respond a similar way.

Kalyani goes out to drop Doctor. Specialist inquires as to whether she is Atul’s girl and reveals to him that he treated Rao Saheb when he had a loss of motion assault and tells that after the assault, he couldn’t compose with his hand and his hand used to shake. Kalyani believes that the letter was phony. She expresses gratitude toward Doctor. She calls Sarthak and advises that she found the best approach to free Malhar. Sarthak gets the court notice to get everybody’s penmanship check. Kalyani tells that somebody has changed the first suicide note. Sarthak requests that penmanship master check everybody’s hand composing. Atharv says he won’t permit this. Sarthak requests that he be thankful and says you was in lock up that time else you would have been accused as well. Anupriya gets pen and composes on the paper. Aao Saheb inquires as to for what reason did you compose without my consent and gets furious. Kalyani goes irately and brings kindling. Aao Saheb says no one will compose. Kalyani takes steps to consume every one of the sarees. Atul requests that her get it. Kalyani says my significant other is in prison.

Aao Saheb says I won’t compose. Kalyani lights the sarees kid’s shows ablaze. Aparna asks Aao Saheb to compose on the paper else this distraught young lady will consume everything. Aao Saheb composes on the paper. Aparna offers paper to Atharv. Atharv, Sampada and Vivek composes on the paper. Kalyani tosses the animation which is unfilled. She says I don’t have confidence in harming my very own relatives. Hand composing master check Rao Saheb’s letter with the penmanship of others. He says no one’s hand composing matches with this letter.

Kalyani checks everybody’s hand composing and says you may haven’t checked it legitimately and says she is certain that one of them have changed the suicide note. Aao Sahev tells that the Inspector will be rebuffed for harming our notions. Assessor says I was carrying out my responsibility and leaves. Aao Saheb says I won’t abandon her. Atul asks Aao Saheb to excuse her. Sarthak says Kalyani didn’t do any mix-up. Atul cautions Sarthak and takes Kalyani to room.

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