Tujhse Hai Raabta 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kalyani says you think little of me so much and says it is her left hands work. Anupriya says your hand will break. Kalyani keeps another block and says she will break two blocks without a moment’s delay. She requests that they move back and says blocks pieces may fall in your eyes. She says I am proficient and hits the block to break it, yet she feels torment. Anupriya gets stressed. Malhar asks did you get injured? Kalyani says block is sullied. Malhar breaks block with his hand and goes smilingly. Kalyani says she can break three blocks out and out. She sees Aparna proceeding to ask where is she going? Aparna says she is going out. Anupriya requests that her go. Kalyani says she is concealing something. Anupriya says I am certain that she went behind the Vada to meet Vaman and feels awful for her. Kalyani says hitler is in our home.

Vaman discloses to Aparna that he needs to remain with her and Sampada and says in the event that anything had transpired in impact, at that point what might have occur. Aparna says even I need to remain with you. Sampada comes there and faults Vaman and considers him answerable that she lost Moksh as a result of him. She takes Aparna inside the house and drives her down. She tells Aao Saheb that Aai and Baba are wanting to join together. Aao Saheb chastens Aparna. Atul advises that Aparna needs to go with Vaman and requests that her let them go. Aao Saheb chides him. Kalyani asks do you generally chasten your kids? Aao Saheb asks her not to meddle and asks Aparna not to go with Vaman. Kalyani asks truly? She holds Aparna and Vaman’s hand and takes them to her home. She gives Aparna’s turn in Vaman’s grasp. She says she regards them much in her home. Sampada asks her not to meddle in her folks’ life. Kalyani says I am remaining as the divider among you and your folks and it won’t move until I get them wedded. She tells that she will get Aatya and Mama’s marriage in 2 days right infront of her eyes and requests that her stop it in the event that she can.

Pawar comes and asks Aao Saheb and Atul to come to PS and says Malhar needs to address you both. Atul gives the depiction of the men. Malhar inquires as to whether they demonstrate to you any receipt? He requests that her assistance the law and says on the off chance that you don’t support us, at that point you will be dubious. Aao Saheb asks what would you like to state that we bolster psychological warfare. Atul discloses to Malhar that he has seen proprietor’s name in the truck and the name of the proprietor was Dinkar Patwardhan and the location was of Vilasvadi. Malhar asks Pawar to get the information.

Kalyani reveals to Billu that she will move in Aatya and Mama’s marriage. She gets Malhar’s journal when it falls on the floor. She asks Billu not to let him know and says this is our mystery. She peruses his journal and sees his pic. She says he is looking terrible and his dressing sense is awful. She says it is great that I didn’t meet him at that point. She sees Malhar’s pics with the young lady and finds the bloom in it. She peruses that her name is Ketki and peruses his journal. She supposes on the off chance that he has composed this. Anupriya comes there and inquires as to for what reason did you tell that you will get them wedded in 2 days. Kalyani requests that her chill and says nothing is outlandish. Anupriya asks did you converse with Malhar? Kalyani says she will talk now and is certain that he won’t can’t.

Pawar brings malhar to the house. Kalyani says I need to reveal to you something and says she needs to get Aatya and Mama wedded. He says he will talk later. She requests that he state yes. He says yes. She holds the telephone down and says he can’t deny me. Malhar says we will talk later. Pawar says entryway is one. Malhar and Pawar hear the weapon sound and goes inside the house. Malhar sees a young lady staying there and says Ketki.

Precap: Pawar brings Ketki to his home, lifting her in his arms. Everybody is stunned. Kalyani thinks this is Ketki.


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