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Krishna praying to Mata Rani. Veer says we must do some thing, begin wondering now, not anything will appear in case you just pray, I understand humans depend upon God right here. He asks her to check network. He says telephone were given off, ask God to do something. Krishna concerns. They listen sound. They flip and spot a marriage baraat going. Krishna says see I instructed you. Veer thanks Lord. He asks them to just run. They run away inside the jungle. Goons comply with them. Veer asks Krishna to move and contact police, until he distracts them. He asks what do you want Krishna, simply cross, God received’t come to assist us, we have to keep this lady and child additionally, simply cross. She says I won’t move leaving you right here, could you try this in case you had been in my area. He says yes, I think by means of thoughts, I m practical. She says truely, you’ll have gone. He asks her to think about the infant, its no longer toddler’s mi stake. He says I promise i will try and reach you, believe me, just pass. Krishna says you are not a terrible character, you just pretend. He says you don’t think that i can live on, proper. She says no, you’re forgetting that you are in India, God hears all people’s prayers right here. She goes.

Veer sees the goons. Krishna prays for Veer’s protection. She rushes. Veer runs to distract the goons. Sunaina asks Ajit what’s this village, there may be no network, I m a whole lot involved, take me there. Ajit says the village is notorious, ladies are dealt with worse than animals, accept as true with me, Shukla has sent police, they lower back empty passed, how can i take you there. Sunaina says why did Veer take Krishna there. Sunaina receives restless. She asks Nayani to come back with her. Krishna makes the woman go away in the public delivery. She says Veer desires me, i’m able to’t come, simply inform the police, take care. The lady says my call is Rajjo. Krishna says I m Krishna, just cope with child.

She runs returned to find Veer. She follows the jeep tyre marks. She says I don’t recognise if I m going within the right course. Veer says cross that manner. She imagines him. Goons try and locate Veer. Krishna reaches Veer. She says I suppose goons have come. Veer asks what are you doing right here. She says I m stubborn, you scolded me a lot, nevertheless I m here. He smiles. She says you may scold me even this time. She asks are you irritated, you never alternate irrespective of what the scenario is. He thank you her. They cross in advance. Sunaina and Nayani come to fulfill Shukla family. Sunaina says Veer has long gone there only for the sake of circlKalyani apologizing to Anupriya. Anupriya recollects slapping Kalyani and hurts her hand and holds it towards the lamp. Kalyani asks her to transport her hand and cries. Anupriya says she don’t need to be a part of the programme as her identity as that man’s wife were by no means proper. She says he was in no way mine. Kalyani realizes that her Aai could be very lonely. Anupriya goes to her room. Kalyani comes to her. Anupriya apologizes to her. Kalyani says you may beat me as you are my Aai and says don’t understand why I wanted you to do the rasam. Anupriya asks her to depart her. Kalyani says by no means and asks her to take out all anger from inside. Anupriya asks can you see my fear? Then wait. She takes Atul and Madhuri’s percent and says every time I experience this percent, my 18 years old wounds gets sparkling and i sense as though they’re making a laugh of me. She says she feels a whole lot ache and asks do you want to recognize. She takes the hammer and says I feel the ache of hitting hammer on my chest and is about to hit on her chest, however Kalyani stops her. Anupriya says they should have been punished, they’ve snatched me and given me loneliness and pain. Kalyani and Anupriya cry. Anupriya is about to hit the % with the hammer, but stops saying she will be able to’t harm each person. She says this is not just anger, but the volcano of hatred. She says I don’t need this volcano to reach you and says I know you loves me loads, but you may’t cease my loneliness. She makes her pass and cries. Kalyani cries standing out. Anupriya appears at their percent.

Malhar sees Kalyani crying and offers her handkerchief. Kalyani says she don’t need and sees him. She collides with him and says sorry. She collides her head with his head deliberately and says sorry. He asks what happened and holds her tear. Kalyani cries and tells him the whole lot that Sampada insulted and humiliated Anupriya badly. She says Aai were given tears in her eyes due to her. Malhar says you are not at fault. Kalyani says my Papa and Madhuri are responsible of Aai. Malhar says when Sampada left me, then I had two reasons to live, one is Moksh and other is…Kalyani says me..Malhar says hatred for you. He says Maayi took her anger out on you nowadays which she by no means did earlier than, and asks why? Kalyani says no. Malhar says Maayi regards you as her own and says one needs someone to escape from the ache, similar to I have you with me. Kalyani looks on. Malhar comes to Anupriya and tries to provide her handkerchief. He asks if each mum and daughter are having enmity with handkerchief. He says I experience irritated on her childishness, however her one element touches his heart and says she loves you with selflessly and might’t bear tears in your eyes. He continues hand kerchief there and leaves. Anupriya takes his handkerchief and wipes her tears.

Sampada tells Atharv that she got insulted in her haldi and kumkum’s rasam and says she will no longer depart Kalyani. Atharv asks her to sit down on bed and asks her to go away the vintage conduct. He says they are now wealthy. He says you will be satisfied that nowadays Anupriya were given insulted and Kalyani changed into slapped. Aao Saheb comes there to get her money stored in the Almira. Atharv takes money from her hand and asks Sampada to rely. Sampada counts and says it is 5500. Atharv says you’ve got stolen 500 Rs from us. Aao Saheb gets angry and throws money on his face asking him to become a few extra rich. She tells him that instances will exchange quickly and tells about Anupriya’s plan to showcase their sarees in college exhibition. Atharv receives an concept. Anupriya thinks Kalyani could be angry together with her now. Kalyani thinks don’t know until whilst Aai could be indignant on her. She ties her % on the rice bag and hangs it, and asks Anupriya to hit on it to take out anger on her. She says you could beat me, but don’t slap on my face as Malhar will understand. Anupriya says what are you pronouncing and says i was coming to you to express regret to you. kalyani says I ought to make an apology. They argue. Kalyani says ok, nobody will express regret and asks her to give her a hug. Anupriya hugs her.

Precap:- Atharv and Sampada come to the college because the chief guest for the exhibition. He tells that he’ll purchase all sarees for pocha and hits his leg with the sarees. Kalyani and Anupriya are taken aback. of relatives, you must help Veer and Krishna. Bela scoffs. Lali asks Gajanan to head there with Triloki. Gajanan says yes, i can see. Shukla receives a name from police station. He says exceptional, I may be there. Veer and Krishna are inside the jungle. He hits his leg and gets hurt. Krishna says you harmed yourself by your anger. She sees his feet bleeding. She cares for him. Yeh moh moh ke….performs…. Veer seems at him. She holds him and takes him. They mild some fire and sit.

Precap:- Krishna says sometimes, after I see the sky, I experience… Veer says the stars appears so close, but they’re so lonely. She says i was going to say the same. Goons reach Krishna and Veer. Krishna gets shot. She falls down. Veer gets taken aback.

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