Tujhse Hai Raabta 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

The Episode starts with Aao Saheb getting happy seeing Anupriya and Kalyani selling sarees at the saree stall. Aao Saheb says i’m able to cross now. Anupriya apologizes to her and says we couldn’t win. Aao Saheb says no problem, and says we can no longer get the prize because of the Atharv like leader visitor. She says our sarees are exceptional and lots of girls preferred them. She says our stall is first-class. Pallavi says that kissing tree (mistletoe tree) is right. Aao Saheb seems at her. Pallavi says it’s miles shameless. a person comes and tells Kalyani that Sampada called her. Sampada talks to Aparna, who tells that she stopped Malhar due to Moksh and he called the doctor for him. Sampada tells Atharv that she will be able to take revenge of his insult. Kalyani comes there. Sampada tells her that they may be gambling a unique video games for couples and says the fellow will shoot on the aim and the woman gets the present from here. She says she thought to play with them and asks in which is Malhar? She calls him. Kalyani says he…Sampada says Malhar can’t give even a little time to his wife. Anupriya says Kalyani is an information female and could now not get provoked with the aid of you. She says if he didn’t come then this means that he’s caught in work. Sampada says a person is giving the gyaan whose husband didn’t face her face on account that years. She laughs. Kalyani gets angry. Atharv says i’m hoping that Kalyani’s lifestyles isn’t like you. Malhar asks if you realize how to use gun or simply is aware of to apply tongue. Atharv asks who stated? Malhar says your father Malhar Rane. Kalyani smiles. Anupriya takes Moksh from him. Sampada asks Atharv to win and says I want the ones jhumkas. Malhar and Atharv goal on the target. Many humans cheers for Atharv. Kalyani simplest cheers for Malhar.

Atharv’s man places glass glare on Malhar, but Malhar fires on the goal rightly. Sampada and Atharv get disappointed. Kalyani asks them to take the person who put the glass glare on Malhar. Kalyani tells Malhar that she wants the rings and tells Sampada that she didn’t understand that her preference is right for first time. Anupriya asks Malhar to make Kalyani wear it. Malhar makes her put on jhumkas. Kalyani looks at him. Tere Naina music plays…..Kalyani’s pals come there and clap. Sampada tells Atharv that she deliberate well to stop Malhar and wanted to make Kalyani’s tamasha, but don’t know how he got here. Atharv says I were given an idea and takes her to mistletoe tree. He calls the mistletoe tree stall proprietors and says as soon as Malhar comes there, then Kalyani will come after which…Anupriya tells Kalyani to attend to her jhumkas and tells that she will be able to check if it is loose at domestic. Malhar tells that he idea Moksh is sick, but physician said that he is best so he got here. Anupriya asks him to take Malhar to peer the stalls. Malhar says saree stall is right, but this mistle toe tree concept here is not correct. Kalyani says Aai and you’re each equal, sanskari. She asks if he is not hungry and asks if he need to have some thing. Malhar asks are you feeling hungry? Kalyani says no after which says sure. Malhar asks her to tell if she needs to say whatever and says I don’t study heart. A man on Atharv’s orders collides with Kalyani and makes her rings crumple. He then takes the earrings with him. Malhar sees her earring missing and asks Kalyani. Kalyani receives involved and says that earring was not everyday as it was his first gift to her. They start looking it.

Atharv asks the fellow Pankaj to go and stand underneath the mistletoe tree. Pankaj calls Kalyani and asks her to return there, as he found her jhumka. Kalyani says she will be able to come there. Sampada asks Atharv if Kalyani will come there. Atharv says sure. Pankaj’s buddy Divesh sends Malhar to mistletoe tree, saying Kalyani went there. Atharv says I made first spouse eloped and now a person is kissing his 2nd wife. Sampada laughs. Pankaj involves Anupriya seeing her searching earring and thinks her to be Kalyani, and says I must kiss you. Malhar looks angrily.

Precap: Atharv calls major, university college students and so on and says my Maayi become feeling like kissing seeing the guys and that’s why stood underneath the tree so that a person can give her a kiss. Anupriya cries.


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