Tujhse Hai Raabta 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Malhar goes to a house and sees moksh crying. He sees glass pieces close him. He bounces and goes close him. He takes and embraces him. He cries asking him not to stress. Pawar comes there and says sir. Malhar turns out and supposes it was his creative mind. He asks Pawar and Sarthak to look through that side of basti. The woman calls Sampada and tells that the capacity was finished, yet all of a sudden a young lady came and began moving. She says everybody went to see her move. Sampada says from where she came? She requests that her take the infant to transport. Woman says she is prepared and taking him now.

Kalyani feels bleary eyed. Anupriya stresses for her. Pawar takes Malhar to the fish room. Before they reach there, the woman takes Moksh from that point. Kalyani falls, Anupriya holds her and requests that her be there, says she will proceed to check where are others. Kalyani requests that her proceed to look Billu. She says I will keep them occupied till here. Malhar and Pawar scan for Moksh in the room, however he was simply taken out from that point. Pawar says Moksh baba isn’t here. Anupriya thinks where to look through them and acknowledges she has kept her telephone here.

She crashes into the woman taking Moksh and her telephone tumbles down. Anupriya discloses to her that she will pay the cash. Woman says it was old and required fix. Woman says by what method will I call my better half Vikas now. Anupriya requests that her utilization her telephone and says it is kept where the capacity is going on. They go there. Crate tumbles from woman’s hand. Kalyani holds it and signs Anupriya. An angler takes her to move once more. Woman sees her better half moving and takes him to side. She says Sampada is giving them a lot of cash. Malhar and Pawar come there, however don’t see the tokri. The anglers power Kalyani to move and hold her hand. Malhar blows up and requests that they return.

Kalyani tumbles down. Anupriya holds her. Malhar makes her beverage water. Sampada comes there and is stunned to see them there. She covers her face and comes to woman and her significant other. Woman apologizes and says my better half is smashed. Kalyani asks Malhar to proceed to look Moksh. Sampada tells woman and her significant other that they need to go by one way or another, while blending in the general population. Simply then Moksh begins crying. Malhar asks Pawar to get Sampada. They see Sampada. Sampada pushes Pawar and runs out. Her foot stall out with the rope and she falls in the net. Malhar kept the snare for her. Kalyani gets upbeat hearing Moksh crying and rushes to him. She takes him and cries. Malhar embraces them. He takes Moksh and cries. Sampada is irate while Police constable holds her. marjawun ya jeelun zara plays…

They return home, Kalyani asks Moksh not to go again leaving her and says on the off chance that you do this once more, at that point I will cause you to have bittergourd squeeze subsequent to discovering you. Anupriya appeals to God for their harmony. Sarthak reveals to Malhar that Atharv is more perilous than Sampada and advises that they need to look through him. Pawar comes and tells that Atharv is remaining in a Mumbai lodging and he has a trip to Dubai to get tomorrow. Malhar requests that he reveal to Mumbai Police that they need more power. Kalyani asks Malhar to send another person and says on the off chance that Atharv plans something for you, at that point. Malhar asks her not to stress and any place I go, I will come back to you both. He kisses Moksh and leaves with Pawar.

Atharv supposes he tricked Kalyani and got the international ID. He requests that secretary look at. Presently he will savor wine Dubai. Malhar comes there hitting the dance floor with band baja. Atharv is stunned. Malhar chuckles and says your grin evaporated. He says you will be cheerful as I came to take you utilizing your modest strategy. He asks band folks to play band once more. He asks Atharv to move. Atharv yells. Malhar says game over. He asks Pawar to get him and says we will drag and take him. Atharv grabs Pawar’s weapon and goes for Malhar. Malhar points weapon at Atharv.

Precap: Atharv moves to the truck to get away. Malhar requests that he stop else he will shoot him. Atharv tumbles down from the truck.


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