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The Episode begins with Atharv guffawing madly. Sampada asks if the entirety is excellent. Atharv says that small malhar jumped and overwhelmed me up. He says that Malhar overwhelmed me up badly, however i was hit on my coronary heart plenty. He says i’m able to smash his uniform and electricity, that he will no longer rise up from mattress all his existence. two goons are locked in the equal lock up as Malhar. Sampada asks what’s he going to do? Atharv tells that he knows goons whom Malhar had overwhelmed up inside the beyond, and tells that he got the ones goons arrested and made them cross within the identical cell as Malhar. He says the hearth that’s lighting in him, will be activate through them. The goons ask every other to have a look at Malhar. Pawar tells Malhar that the goons have carried out a small crime and got arrested, and that’s why I instructed Kalyani in your protection. He says they could attack you whilst going to courtroom. Malhr says nothing will manifest to me. Kalyani calls Sarthak and asks for his assist. Sampada hugs Atharv and is satisfied. Atharv says handiest God is aware of what the ones goons will do with Malhar. Malhar and the goons are taken out to go to court docket. The goons are conserving blade of their palms and tease Malhar asking if a few has stolen his respect in night or that if mosquitoes have bit him in lock up. Aao Saheb reaches there. The goons continue to taunt Malhar. Media comes there and asks Malhar if he without a doubt pressured Saya ji Rao to dedicate suicide. The goon asks Malhar to say. Media says if he continues silent then his family might affected. The goon tells that his wife is beautiful and he will cope with her.

Malhar asks how dare you to take call of my wife’s call and holds his collar to beat him. Aao Saheb calls Atharv and says the whole thing will take place as in line with the planned. The goon assaults Malhar with the blade. Malhar asks Pawar to test goon’s hand. Pawar reveals the blade of their hand. Kalyani comes there with the goons’ other halves, who beat the goons and tells that once they become in jail for six month, Malhar gave them money for their residing and meals and scolds their husbands. The goons apologize to Malhar for attacking him. Malhar says they may be their wives. Aao Saheb asks motive force to force the auto fast. Kalyani stops the automobile and asks her to get down. She says while you came thus far then we shall make some use of your visit. She says i’m now not carrying dupatta nowadays and tears her saree to tie on Malhar’s hand. Sarthak says your wife is outstanding. Kalyani says she will be able to take out Malhar from lock up earlier than nighttime and says it is my promise. Aao saheb is going in her vehicle.

Kalyani involves Malhar and asks him to take a seat, says she will tie on his damage. Malhar says no need, not anything happened to me. She says blood is flowing. Kalyani says didn’t you see how Shanta and Lakshmi have overwhelmed their husbands and says you would possibly have known that wife is risky, but i’m not like that and inquiring for your sweetly and asks him to let her tie on his hand. She ties the cloth on his hand and says this night you’ll be at home, it’s far my promise. Malhar seems on. Sarthak smiles.

Pallavi searches for the treasure and receives it. She gets satisfied and calls Vivek. She accuses him for not telling her about treasure and says you desired to give it to your girlfriend, says she can depart earlier than he comes home. Pallavi is looking at the treasure within the field, whilst someone comes there. Vivek comes there and unearths Pallavi injured and wounded. He asks who has achieved this with you. He says Appa can’t write any letter, as I used to sign up his behalf and had written his closing letter with my hand. He asks who did this with you. Kalyani comes there and says I did. Sarthak, Police officer comes there and listen his confession. Vivek asks you did this? Kalyani says Chachi is just subconscious, this blood is faux. Anupriya throws water on her. Pallavi profits recognition and asks for the treasure. Kalyani says it’s far fake jewelry. She tells Vivek that she turned into dubious on him the day past as he wrote with his right hand rather than this left hand, whilst the handwriting professional asked him to jot down. Aao Saheb is breaking the wall and announcing Kalyani couldn’t loose Malhar. Vivek comes jogging and asks her to store him, says he wrote suicide word on her pronouncing. Kalyani says every body recognize this now. Sarthak says Vivek has given his announcement, now nobody can keep him. Atul asks Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb says yes the letter was faux, but Rao Saheb’s demise is real and i can get Malhar punished for his demise. simply then Malhar comes home in Police jeep. Kalyani smiles and says I had told that i will get Malhar ji freed earlier than night.

She turns toward Malhar and appears at him. Malhar is coming inside the residence, but Aao Saheb stops him and says don’t dare to come back inside my house. Kalyani says Malhar is free of prison, how can you forestall him. Aao Saheb asks Atharv to show. Atharv says Malhar Rane sell his facet of house and named the belongings on Aao’s Saheb’s name. A fb is proven, Atharv blackmails Malhar that he’s taking Moksh to London forever. Malhar says you may not take him anywhere. Atharv forces him to signal and says in case you supply the residence to Aao Saheb then i will go back your son. Kalyani asks Malhar to inform this is a lie, and says you didn’t consider me. I informed you that i can unite you with Moksh. Aao Saheb asks them to look a few other house and says we haven’t any region for Rao Saheb’s murderer.

Precap: Anupriya asks Kalyani to head and meet Malhar. Malhar asks Sarthak if he want to say sorry to her. Atul attempts to forestall Kalyani from meeting Malhar. Aao Saheb tells that she will make Kalyani and Malhar’s existence eclipsed that they will forget to smile.


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