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The Episode begins with Malhar getting back home in Police jeep. Aao Saheb stops him and asks Atharv. Atharv says Malhar Rane sell his side of house and named the property on Aao’s Saheb’s name. Kalyani inquires as to for what reason did you sign, I requested that you confide in me. I revealed to you that I will join you with Moksh. Malhar enters inside and requests that they check the sign on the off chance that it is phony or genuine. Atharv checks the sign. Malhar asks who is Bapat’s dad? He says Malhar Rane. He says you don’t have some insight to check my sign. He says you individuals are acting so I figured I will act as well, with the goal that you take a moan of alleviation and till then Kalyani finds reality about the letter. Kalyani gets upbeat and discloses to Malhar that he is exceptionally savvy. Malhar requests that Inspector capture Vivek. Vivek says I composed letter on Aao Saheb’s platitude.

Auditor takes him in keep. Kalyani reveals to Malhar that she has satisfied her guarantee, and carried him home and joined him with Billu. Aao Saheb goes furiously inside. Kalyani stops her and requests that her stop her resentment and disdain which will wreck everything. Aao Saheb says she won’t find a sense of contentment until she ruins Malhar. Kalyani asks Atul to influence her to get it. Atul requests that her stop it and says you have done what you needed and joined malhar with infant. He says he has taken invert rounds with you around the fire and don’t love you. He requests that her end the marriage with him and requests that her accompany him. Kalyani races to Malhar and tells that she has satisfied her guarantee and joined him with moksh, how he can isolate her with her child. Malhar is quiet. Atul hauls her inside the house.

Sarthak reveals to Malhar that he is absurd to question on Kalyani and says she has been battling for only you and got you out. He says when you did the absurdity of the turn around round then additionally she was crying. Malhar says since my adolescence, you never raised your hand on me, however at this point I need discipline and says I am not egotistical. He slaps with Sarthak’s hand and says whatever I did is for Kalyani’s improvement. He says what I provided for Kalyani since marriage, contempt and outrage, and she was satisfying the obligation of a decent spouse. He says she cherished my child more than her own life, I was upsetting her like a trick. He says truth is that, just Kalyani was in this marriage, I was not there. He says I won’t let this occur, she is a young lady. I won’t let her ruin her life and says she has the privilege to end her life choices. Sarthak says she has the privilege to take her choice and says you both will meet and talk, and go to a choice for which you both are upbeat.

Kalyani is moving frantically in the room. Anupriya asks what occurred and stops her. Kalyani says she is very and can’t take outrage neither on Malhar nor on Papa, so she is taking indignation on herself. She embraces Anupriya and inquires as to for what reason did Malhar let her go, and didn’t express a word for her. She inquires as to whether I have no an incentive in his heart. Anupriya says Malhar thinks about you so much and that is the reason fended off himself from you, as he trusts that you needs a person who is more great than him and so on. Kalyani says how might he choose alone, and says my joy is with Billu and him. Anupriya requests that her meet Malhar and let him know. She says Sarthak persuaded Malhar to meet you, and requests that her reveal to him that her joy is with him and Moksh. Kalyani says alright, however I have a condition, he will say sorry to learn for not supporting me infront of Papa. She says he will say sorry to learn me. Sarthak tells Malhar. Malhar says if sorry is required. Sarthak says you questioned on her, you… Malhar says I atone for my doing, she will get it. Sarthak requests that he work on saying sorry. Malhar says contrition will be appeared on face, what is the need of sorry. Sarthak requests that he envision him as Kalyani and state sorry. Malhar says Kalyani… I heard that you need sorry, so take it. Sarthak says it isn’t philanthropy. Moksh snickers. Sarthak says even child is giggling and asks Malhar to state sorry.

Aao Saheb converses with Rao Saheb’s pic and says her own blood crushed her. She says in the event that Kalyani moved toward becoming vibhishan, at that point she will take Ravan’s symbol and make Kalyani and Malhar’s lives overshadowed so they neglect to grin. She guarantees to demolish Kalyani and Malhar’s lives and applies Tilak with Rao Saheb’s powder.

Anupriya improves where Malhar and Kalyani will meet. Sarthak values her thought. Anupriya says she saw on TV and movies. She says when legend and champion meets, the spot is beautified. Sarthak says appears as though you enjoys sentimental movies. She is going to give the light glass and grasps her hand back as it contacts his hand. Sarthak says what do you think whether Malhar will say sorry and says he is silly to take a choice alone. He says don’t have the foggiest idea why he can’t see that Kalyani gets satisfaction with his fellowship and in this marriage. Anupriya says even I felt awful after whatever he did. Sarthak says I know him since his youth, he may be exacting, yet delicate on the most fundamental level. He is considering Kalyani’s improvement. Anupriya says I realize that no one can be preferred for Kalyani over Malhar. Atul comes there and says so this is going on behind relatives back. He says I heard that this man proposed you for marriage and asks since when she wound up improper. Sarthak asks him to atleast regard Anupriya. Anupriya holds Atul’s hand and says we did this improvement for Kalyani and Malhar’s today around evening time meeting.

Atul asks how could you, why you are blending poison in her life. He goes to Kalyani’s room and says I let you know not to meet Malhar, and you are going to meet him. Malhar goes to the spot and asks Sarthak, about the design and says I simply need to converse with her. Kalyani says you can’t prevent me from gathering my better half. He attempts to slap her for contending with him, yet Anupriya comes and gets slap all over. Malhar sits tight for her. Atul asks why should you meddle? Anupriya says Aai..I am her Aai. She says I gave Madhuri’s letter in court with the goal that you can leave prison, so that Kalyani gets glad. She says on the off chance that you separate my little girl and her joy, at that point don’t compel me to believe that I fouled up by taking you out from prison. She says I left my life for fate, yet Kalyani will keep in touch with her very own fate. She asks Kalyani to go and says Malhar is sitting tight for you.

Precap Upcoming Tujhse Hai Raabta Episode Update: kalyani comes to meet Malhar and asks him not to say sorry on the off chance that he don’t need. Malhar yells and says sorry. He holds her hand and apologizes to her for all his doings.


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