Tujhse Hai Raabta 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kalyani requests that he tell straightforwardly that he don’t need anybody to see her with awful sight. Malhar says yes and tells that she is lovely in all Aurangabad. Kalyani hears the melody and takes a gander at him. Malhar fold his finger. Kalyani inquires as to whether he implies what he said. He says what did I say? He gets the tissue paper and wipes kajal from his face. Anupriya reveals to Aparna that she will think about her joy and will not leave an opportunity to finish your family when Vaman needs to join with you. Kalyani comes there. Aparna goes. Kalyani hits her head on the divider.

Anupriya asks what occurred and says you will get injured. Kalyani says both mother and little girl will get frantic. She inquires as to for what reason are you conversing with Aparna and taking hostility with Aao Saheb. Anupriya says each human isn’t great completely or not terrible completely. She says everybody has Ravan and Ram in him/her. She says Aparna has carried on with her life alone and who can comprehend this superior to me. Kalyani says what are you saying? Anupriya says whatever had occurred with Aparna was a result of Atul. Kalyani says you have no Ravan, however Ram and Meena Kumari. She says we will bolster her and Aparna will not be rebuffed for Atul’s off-base doings. Malhar wipes the kajal from Moksh’s face and says your Aai is exceptionally whimsical. He says when you develop youthful then you will be more full grown than her. He says don’t have the foggiest idea when she will wind up developed. Moksh chuckles. Kalyani hears them and asks what are they talking?

Malhar says Moksh was found of his make and requests that her guarantee not to do it once more. Kalyani guarantees and undermines amenably to break his teeth on the off chance that it was there. She plays with him and requests that he think commonly before ridiculing him. She stimulates him and asks what your baba was stating that I am not adult? She supposes what to look like develop and supposes she don’t look develop. She supposes Aai is developed and what she does, she is constantly genuine, talks less and wear exhausting hues garments. She says on the off chance that malhar preferences exhausting individuals, at that point she will move toward becoming for Malhar. She ties her hairs and reveals to Moksh that she is looking some what developed. Malhar comes there chatting on telephone saying Atharv got away. Kalyani asks what was the deal? Malhar reveals to her that Atharv got away from Police authority. They come to Sampada. Malhar gets some information about Atharv. Sampada says I don’t think about Atharv and would prefer not to see his face after whatever she has finished with her. Malhar gets Mugdha’s call and she tells that she is outside their home.

Malhar meets Mugdha and says I will get Atharv, don’t stress. I will look through him. Mugdha says really I can’t give explanation against Atharv. Malhar asks what, in the event that he compromised you. Mugdha says no, infact I made him got away from emergency clinic. Malhar asks what are you saying? He attempted to execute you and you made him got away. Mugdha says he turned out poorly, he is in my vehicle. Malhar opens the vehicle entryway and discovers him missing. Mugdha says I left him here. Malhar says then where did he go? Anupriya yells Kalyani’s name. Everybody heads inside.

They see Atharv laying on the bed and drinking milk from Moksh’s jug. Malhar requests that he leave the container. Mugdha advises that something happened to Atharv and he wound up immature after the mishap. She advises that she went to clinic to vent out her resentment and came to know from the specialist that he has turned out to be 5 years of age kid. She says she knows how it feels to be rationally hindered and can’t rebuff 5 years of age kid and that is the reason made him escape from police authority.

Precap: Malhar and Kalyani attempt to discover Atharv’s reality and alarm him.


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