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The Episode begins with Pankaj seeing a girl sitting below the mistletoe tree and thinks she is Kalyani, and says you’ll get the earring, however now I ought to kiss you. Anupriya receives up and recollects hearing Atharv’s plan. She slaps him. Atharv says Maayi has ruined the whole thing. Sampada says recreation has started. Malhar asks Pankaj, how dare he to the touch Maayi? Anupriya tells Malhar that it become Atharv’s doings. Sampada asks Anupriya what did she do? Atharv calls major, students, their parents and others and tells that everyone have the goals so is Maayi. He says Maayi were given ideal seeing the guys within the university and wanted a kiss from them so stood beneath the mistletoe tree. Malhar scolds Atharv and says this Maayi fed you with meals along with her hand. Kalyani comes there. Anupriya tells her that

Atharv desired to call you underneath this tree after which desired this guy to …..(kiss you). Kalyani says once I were given a name, i used to be going for walks toward there, but stopped and found out that it become Atharv’s conspiracy, to make her kiss someone. A facebook is shown, Atharv says a mom and daughter also do such things.

main asks mom and daughter? Atharv says didn’t you recognize and tells that there may be a twist. He tells Anupriya’s husband Atul left Anupriya seeing Kalyani’s mom Madhuri, and after her dying, they advanced a bonding. He says how did you may know that Anupriya is married, she didn’t wear any mangalsutra. i will understand her goals seeing many men in the college and her coronary heart shaken up and she desired a kiss so stood below the tree in order that a person can kiss her. Anupriya cries. Malhar says this guy is fake and not trustable. Atharv asks fundamental if he wants to insult him by means of calling him as chief guest. Sampada asks what incorrect did Atharv do, and says Anupriya might be missing the touch of a person when you consider that years and that’s why stood below the tree.

Aao Saheb asks her to mind her language and says there is a large distinction of sky and land among you both. Sampada says Anupriya took admission within the university so that she can romance with the young guys. Kalyani bashes up Sampada and tells that your appreciate is saleable, however my Aai has stored her respect safe. predominant asks Kalyani to stop it else he will droop her. Kalyani asks him to droop her, however she will not listen something towards her Aai. Atharv tells predominant to neglect college fund and says he’ll ruined his college via getting articles posted and says what you may do now. Malhar says Maayi doesn’t recognize about this tree. Pallavi says she is aware of about it. Sampada says now anyone knows. Kalyani says what’s proved if she knows additionally. Malhar holds Pankaj’s ears and asks him to mention reality. Pankaj lies that he noticed her standing right here and that’s why thought she desires kiss. Atharv asks essential if police gunda raaj will manifest here. most important asks Malhar to depart him. Sampada asks Atharv to come.

Atharv apologizes to Anupriya and then asks her if she don’t like this guy, and says i can get senior man for you. Kalyani says it’s far sufficient. Malhar and Kalyani come infront of Atharv. Atharv asks Aao Saheb to give complete freedom to Maayi and says humans will say that you provide your elder bahu freedom to kiss younger men. Anupriya and Kalyani cry badly. Aao Saheb gets irritated and takes Kalyani with her. Malhar asks Pankaj to inform the fact, however he doesn’t inform. Atharv asks college students if they’ll let Malhar do injustice with Pankaj. Malhar has to depart Pankaj. Atharv takes him to have tea. They smile. foremost scolds Kalyani and leaves her with a warning, tells that he’ll droop her next time, and is leaving her now because of the republic day bravery. Kalyani tells Malhar that she will now not depart them. Malhar tells her that he don’t need her to get suspended. he takes the rings from the floor.

Aparna tells Anupriya that Sampada informed me which you were…romancing with a guy and says you will be ashamed. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb, if you don’t accept as true with me. Aao Saheb says I consider you fully and says I knew which you went there to help Kalyani, but our appreciate is ruined because of Sampada and Atharv, they have slump plenty low. She says villagers will now speak terrible about your person. Anupriya says what I shall do now. Aao Saheb says i’ve accept as true with on you like I believe my eyes, and says you have stopped sporting mangalsutra and sindoor, however I didn’t say something as I recognize your pain, however i used to be unhappy. She says villagers will say which you have stopped wearing mangalsutra as you’re having an affair in university. Pallavi and Aparna smiles. Anupriya runs to room and cries. Kalyani and Malhar come just then. Aao Saheb asks them to look Anupriya. Kalyani asks her to open the door and cries. Anupriya says she desires to be alone and asks Malhar to take her and go away her on my own. Malhar asks why you want to be locked here. Anupriya says these outhouse walls apprehend my ache and asks them to go away her by myself. She asks Kalyani to trust her and go away her by myself. Kalyani says i’m able to no longer move from right here and cries.

Precap: Anupriya buys something and says she wants to do something which she must have completed long before. She asks Kalyani never to simply accept defeat.


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