Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Kalyani coming to Moksha and says first she can wash her arms as chilli is on it. Malhar comes. She pats on his shoulder and appreciates his plan. She says sorry. Malhar asks approximately Anupriya. Kalyani tells that she can take Aai to college and could train the man or woman a lesson whoever insults Aai. She rubs her eyes along with her fingers and chilli powder is going in her eyes. She shouts and cries, says she has grown to be blind. Malhar makes her quiet and washes her face with water. He asks her to clean her hand. Anupriya returns home. Pallavi asks from wherein she is coming and what is in her hand. Anupriya asks her to head and make dozing arrangements for everyone. She says I will not be right here to do all of the work. Pallavi goes. Anupriya is going to room. inside the morning, Aao Saheb wakes up and asks Vivek to get up. She tells him that she couldn’t get right sleep as she didn’t have the tablets. Vivek says save keeper said that he gave the medicine. Pallavi gets up, remembers Anupriya hiding something and tells Aao Saheb that if Maayi took that to devote suicide. She says if Maayi does something then I must do all the paintings. Kalyani says Chachi. Atharv comes and says whoever comes to have to pass.

Malhar asks him to maintain his mouth shut else he has to move. Kalyani gets afraid deliberating her phrases and runs to an outhouse. She sees Anupriya sitting on the chair and calls her. Anupriya wakes up and says she doesn’t understand when she slept whilst sitting. Kalyani hugs her. Pallavi asks what is in her hand. Anupriya is preserving the mangalsutra and tells that something befell yesterday turned into my mistake if I had worn it then not anything could have occurred like that. She says she shall wear it once more so that nobody can destroy their respect. Aparna says you probably did proper. Sampada says in case you had worn it then wouldn’t have done what you have got wanted. She says now you are exposed. Aao Saheb asks who’re you to point finger at her individual and tells that Anupriya remains Atul’s wife legally. She asks her to put on the mangalsutra. Anupriya is ready to put on it. Kalyani stops her and says i’m able to no longer allow you to wear the mangalsutra of the person who didn’t come to see if you are alive or dead due to the fact a few years. She says I’m able to not assist you to wear this. Aao Saheb says this is for her betterment, human beings will now not accuse her of anything, even supposing Sampada and Atharv attempt to positioned dust on them. Sampada shouts. Atharv says their respect is ruined after the previous day. Kalyani says I don’t care about human beings.

Aao Saheb says however I do, and says our admire is ruined and says Anupriya will put on it. Kalyani says Aai will not wear it. Malhar says while Maayi’s mangalsutra didn’t prevent Atul Mama from leaving her, while Sampada’s mangalsutra didn’t forestall her from eloping with stranger guy, then how this mangalsutra will forestall the insult, and says all that humiliation became a lie, and if she wears this mangalsutra then it will be proved that anything came about was authentic. Kalyani says what’s the usage of this mangalsutra so as to make my Aai fall in her very own eyes. Atharv asks Sampada to return and sleep for more time. Pallavi says what a big deal if she wears mangalsutra. Kalyani says my Aai will not put on this mangalsutra. She says that man couldn’t supply respect to my Aai, and asks how his name mangalsutra supply admire to her. She tells that her baba left Aai 18 years again and legally they’re separated. Malhar confirms it. Aao Saheb says Anupriya is Atul’s spouse and she can wear if she wanted. Kalyani says that is the cuffed for her and says whilst the relation is broken then this black pearls cuff will be damaged.

Anupriya asks her to apprehend and says that is my choice. She says she will be able to listen to humans’ taunt, however, don’t have the braveness to endure the accusations. She says she wants to save herself from their chortle and says this mangalsutra will keep me safe. Kalyani says that is ft cuff and says make your daughter as your Suraksha chakra instead of this mangalsutra. She guarantees Aao Saheb that not anything will take place to their residence recognize. Aao Saheb receives disillusioned and is going. Aparna says you will repent while Maayi may be insulted once more. Kalyani holds Anupriya’s hand and takes her to Aao Saheb facet of a house. Pallavi tells Malhar that his own spouse is breaking the rule of thumb made by way of him. Kalyani keeps the mangalsutra in Bappa’s toes and asks him to assist her. She thinks to assist me in my mystery plan, I need to go looking a life partner for my Aai and says I need to get her married.

Precap: Anupriya is using on a bicycle and collides with someone’s automobile. She falls down and cries. man gets down from the auto. Kalyani is in the back of Anupriya.


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