Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarthak recoginse Keshav & get tensed Keshav say when ever i’m able to get threat, I shall kill🔪 Kalayani.. Anupriya defend her.. Keshav say due to Kalayani parents my little sister👩🏻 suffered alot, humans even dumbed her voice😷.. Malhar maintain Keshav and harm him for hurting Moksh and Kalayani and beat🤕 him badly.. Anupriya and Kalayani prevent him.. Malhar say he misplaced respect for anupriya once more.. Anupriya defend herself and ask Malhar and Kalayni to consider her, Kalayani say she consider anupriya.. Malhar again beat🤕Keshav and ask query, he preserve Stone and is about to harm, however sarthak hold him and forestall him.. Anupriya beat Keshav and ask Malhar to put Keshav at the back of jail, i was just defensive you all from him.. Kalayani forestall Malhar, and she will no longer allow do him any crime!

Malhar say you are protective anupriya and Keshav, who hurted🤕 our Moksh. Kalayani say she love❤ moksh greater than you however its crime.. Sarthak calm him down and say allow regulation determine his punishment.. Malhar drag Keshav..
Atharav say this Deshmukh own family is the biggest drama organization and play flute with marriage tune🎵.. He similarly say Kalayni is finding groom for Anupriya. surprising😱😨 anybody.. Anupriya confront kalayani and she say yes and anupriya slap👋🏻 her and goes from temple..

Anupriya make an apology to Aao Saheb… Aao saheb say Kalayani is baby, and i am pleased with you for assisting deshmukh circle of relatives in the front of Keshav.. And hug her. .

Kalayani speak to Sarthak, saying turned into she wrong for Anupriya re- marriage? Sarthak assist her and say but we will’t change human beings mentality… Kalayani think about Sarthak phrases, that He might be proud to have Anupriya as his spouse, she assume🤔 why anupriya can’t have someone like sarthak and Sarthak assume🤔 why Keshav lower back?? He see his case report and think this could be disaster if reality pop out!
Keshav say to Malhar i am punished for the crime I never commited, pass and read my case file..

Kalayani try to talk to Anupriya, however she avoid her.. Sarthak come and ask about Malhar?? Kalayani ask Sarthak changed into she wrong to discover groom from Anupriya?? Sarthak try to avoid question however Kalayani repeat time and again.. Anupriya forestall her from announcing all this.. Aao saheb say she became proud at kalayani outdoor for assisting anupriya, however she did this wrong.. Kalayani say because of Atul cheat, Anupriya is bearing ache😭😢..

Kalayani stop anupriya from going out, in the end this drama?? Anupriya say she can fight on my own!! Kalayani say she I understand you are strong, however want associate!! Anupriya say she don’t want all people aside from kalayani, she is satisfied now and what is going to villagers say?? Kalayani acquire villagers and ask if they have problem with my Anupriya marriage?? Aao saheb and sarthak witness everything.. every person deny..

Anupriya forestall her from saying whatever similarly.. Kalayani say human beings will communicate for two days and forget about, they have been no longer there to even guide you, to console you when atul left.. Its no longer huge component if you marry once more.. Aao saheb forestall her pronouncing she remains married to atul, she is his wife legally… Kalayani says it has been 18 years, whilst Atul left Anupriya, now legally or illegally she isn’t married to him.. She ask Sarthak to provide an explanation for aao saheb, that if husband and wife aren’t staying collectively for 18 years, their marriage is null and void.. Sarthak nod in help.. Kalayani similarly say all this is written in law… Aao Saheb say she doesn’t want to pay attention about regulation, she is just concerned for society, allow us to stay right here with respect… Kalayani say to Aao saheb that you are concered for thus referred to as society usually, if you’ll gave thought about Anupriya re-marriage 18 years returned, she might not be at this place nowadays.. Aao saheb get greatly surprised😨.. Kalayani upload saying with Atul and Madhuri you are too liable for Anupriya troubles… Anupriya slap👋🏻 Kalayani difficult…

Precap Upcoming Tujhse Hai Raabta episode update: Each person communicate about Keshav beyond.. Anupriya and Sarthak communicate about that past… Malhar is doing dressing🤕 of Kalayani Wounds, and get call from constable that he discovered keshav case record and he ask to carry it to him..


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