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The Episode begins with Malhar telling that everybody is lying and says he won’t leave Atharv. Sarthak asks Malhar to quiet down. Judge says this is disdain of court. Atharv’s attorney demonstrates video confirmation to demonstrate Malhar awful. Anupriya discloses to Sarthak that Kalyani is missing and couldn’t be found. Malhar asks Aao Saheb where is Kalyani and asks where did she shroud Kalyani. Aao Saheb says Kalyani more likely than not understood that she has fouled up. Malhar breaks the table and says in the event that something happens to her, at that point I won’t abandon you alive, regardless of whether I need to go through my time on earth in prison. Sarthak, Pawar and other Inspector hold him and take him inside. Sarthak asks Malhar to quiet down. Judge tells that Malhar’s second spouse didn’t come and that is the reason this court is giving Moksh’s authority to… Kalyani comes there with Moksh and says to his baba’s Malhar Rane. Anupriya asks her where did you go? Kalyani says I went to bring Moksh as he can’t remain from Malhar ji. Malhar gets enthusiastic. Aao Saheb helps Kalyani to remember her arrangement and tells that you have broken your guarantee so soon. Kalyani says even you had guaranteed that you won’t given anybody a chance to give proclamation against Malhar, however broke the guarantee. Malhar cries.

Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that I am your blood and have taken in lying from you. Sampada asks Kalyani to give Moksh and so forth. Kalyani advises that even Moksh needs to remain with his dad. Kalyani tells that she has some video proofs in which their wrong doings is demonstrated, she says Pallavi incited Malhar against Moksh, Sampada disclosed to Malhar that she had abandoned him as she was certain that Atharv will turned out to be rich by evident methods, and says you will see this, yet you will likewise observe this and tells that in the CD you will likewise observe Malhar dealing with moksh, and tells that Malhar never made trouble with her, yet was annoyed with her at first as a result of the Sampada’s letter. She tells that Malhar’s indignation was supported for her and for atharv and Sampada. She says Malhar cherishes Moksh more than his very own life and says I would have benefited some work that I got a spouse like Malhar ji in my life. Malhar wipes his streaming tears..Anupriya tells judge that she knows Malhar since his youth and he never thinks about anybody’s terrible. She says Malhar is a decent dad and in the event that the infant is handover to Sampada and Atharv, at that point the infant will have the terrible qualities. Sampada says this is an untruth.

Judge says it is unmistakably demonstrated from the video in which it is demonstrated that Malhar Rane is a decent dad and can take great consideration of Moksh. He says it is additionally demonstrated that Sampada absconded with Atharv and is certainly not a decent mother. He inquires as to whether she took Malhar’s sign on the legal documents coercively? Kalyani gestures her head. Judge says this implies they are still hitched stunning everybody. Atul says my girl’s marriage is void at that point… Judge says they need to allow to one another for the wellbeing of the baby and will remain with one another. Kalyani protests and says how might you give Billu’s guardianship to Sampada, and says this is beyond the realm of imagination. He says it is demonstrated how is she and says how might you offer Moksh to her. she asks Billu to tell who is his genuine Aai. Judge calls her Miss Kalyani and requests that her quiet down. Kalyani yells and says she is Mrs. Kalyani Rane. She keeps running towards the judge and tosses the ink, and says you won’t compose the decision now. Judge says on the off chance that she don’t stay silent, at that point disdain of court will be on her. Kalyani yells and says no one can isolate my child from me.

Malhar says you have perceived how this lady (Sampada ) is and says I can’t remain with her. He says Kalyani is the main mother of Moksh. Sampada yells and says she would prefer not to live with Malhar. Judge says this case will proceed after break and inquires as to whether they consent to live with one another else the court will give the infant’s guardianship to some other couple. Everybody is stunned. Sampada reproves the Lawyer and says for what reason did we give quite a lot of cash to you and for what? Atharv says this thing happened due to Aao Saheb’s splashy talks and says on the off chance that I needed, at that point I will close your mouth for always, however I won’t do as the misstep is mine. Sampada discloses to him that she can’t live with Malhar Rane. Atharv takes her to side and inquires as to why you will go and approaches her to leave Moksh again for him. Sampada says I would not like to leave my child, and for that I will do anything. Atharv gets furious.

Kalyani happens to court with Moksh and tells that no one will grab my child from me. Anupriya says no one will grab him from you. Atul requests that her be cautious as they see the huge stairs on the under development building. The huge stairs are going to fall on Kalyani and Moksh, however Malhar comes and holds the stairs. He spares them. Kalyani reveals to Moksh that nothing occurred and says I am grinning, don’t stress. Malhar reveals to him that nothing occurred. He takes child in his grasp. Kalyani discloses to Malhar that she can’t avoid Moksh and cries.

Precap Upcoming Tujhse Hai Raabta Episode Update: Kalyani asks Malhar to consent to remain with Sampada. Atul secures Kalyani room. She is captured by Atharv. Sarthak asks Malhar where is Kalyani as the judge is prepared to talk. Atharv sends Kalyani’s pic to Malhar. Malhar gets stressed for her.


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