Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Malhar calls her Atharv and at times Kalyani. Malhar keeps running behind her. Kalyani achieves the latrine and sees the psychological militant. She takes beedi from his hand. He grabs it back. kalyani blows up and says he has grabbed beedi from Atharv bapat. She pulls the paper from the case and attempts to make beedi. She lights the match stick and the paper beedi and tosses the match stick. The fear mongers are stacking RDX in the house and it is going to burst into flames. Malhar comes there and says puja is going on and you are smoking beedi. Kalyani asks what is your concern? Malhar says I won’t let you smoke. Kalyani asks what is your concern, this is my beedi and my cash. Malhar takes her outside. The fear monger comes inside and says distraught young lady. He sees RDX pack going to impact and figures the house probably got scorched.

Sarthak reveals to Malhar that the specialist isn’t here. Kalyani asks Sarthak what is happening among Anupriya and her. Anupriya says welcome has been sent and asks what they will do now, it is unpropitious on the off chance that she don’t sit in puja. Malhar says I have a thought and says Mugdha is in my care and her one explanation will make you land in prison so do as I state. He requests that her wear Kalyani’s garments and sit in puja else you will be in prison for until the end of time. Kalyani calls him Bhao and says what individuals will think from where 6 feet Kalyani came. Malhar says I will deal with and requests that her do as he said else prison. Kalyani says alright. She prods Anupriya and Sarthak making them humiliated. Malhar says in the event that you do anything incorrectly, at that point Mugdha’s announcement and you will be imprisoned.

The fear monger calls Mugdha and requests that he redirect Malhar’s consideration else Malhar’s family and her assembly line laborers will be slaughtered. Pallavi asks Atharv to drink milk. He will not drink acting adolescently. Mugdha asks did you see Malhar? Pallavi says no. Sarthak calls Anupriya and takes her to room. Anupriya sees saree clad Malhar and gets astonished. She asks what is this? Malhar says see what powerlessness caused a man to do. He says Kalyani is thinking herself as Atharv and don’t have a clue what she will do. he says I need to sit with her so she does all the vidhis properly. He tells that he didn’t eat anything since morning and have kept quick for Kalyani. Anupriya says I wish each mother will get a child in law like you for her little girl.

Atul comes there and sees Sarthak and Anupriya in room and a woman (Malhar) standing. He insults them for being in the bolted room. Anupriya says it isn’t that way. Atul asks who is she? Anupriya says she is Kalyani’s companion Meenakshi and she is the recently hitched. He inquires as to why she is wearing ghunghat. Anupriya says it is her custom to wear it for a year after marriage. Atul asks Sarthak what are you doing here? Sarthak asks Meenakshi, would i be able to enlighten him regarding you. He enlightens that Meenakshi was telling concerning her relative who is tormenting her and she needs help in regards to what to do. Atul draws close to Malhar.

Precap: Kalyani goes to the latrine. She asks the fear mongers what is in the cases? The goons is going to shoot her.


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