Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Malhar reveals digicam and think that Kalayani and Anupriya are looking to spy on me, Atharav became right about keshav being driver👨🏻‍✈ of deshmukh and assume🤔 is probably Atharav become proper.. He name☎ Pushkar and ask for the matters that had been concerned in accident for finding clue, as he doubt that Anupriya is saving someone from deshmukh own family..

Next morning Kalayani and Aao saheb communicate about Mudra Yojna (an investment plan, for small scale commercial enterprise)..

Anupriya ask people about practise of Samuhik Vivha?? Aao saheb, Baba and Vivek talk about Atharav agree for Marriage celebration?? They communicate about Keshav supporting Atharav, but Anupriya assure them that Keshav promised her, no longer to help Atharav, that mystery will now not pop out… Kalayani come and ask about which mystery?? And why they’re speakme about Keshav?? Anupriya say I told you it the day gone by, that keshav changed into motive force 👨🏻‍✈and if case is re-open, entire circle of relatives could be dragged… Kalayani say take chill pill and relex, Malhar is at the back of that case unncessarily and suppose🤔 anupriya and she are saving that keshav.. after all he is wrongdoer.. Anupriya drag her for assisting in coaching.. Kalayani ask Anupriya about her re-marriage plan?? Anupriya get angry😡.. Kalayani say not to smash mood and smile🙂 seeing Devdas Atharav..
Atharav is enjoying sweet.. Sampada enquire about all of the drama and why is he scared😨 about anupriya chance?? Atharav smile🙂 and tell Her about plan to do Vidai of Anupriya and discuss plan.. Sampada get satisfied🙂 and say i really like❤ You..

Sarthak come and offer help in practise.. Sarthak help Anupriya, seeing this Kalayani smiles🙂 and think🤔 about Sarthak and Anupriya Marriage with Kaisa yeh Ishq hai song🎵 and smiles🙂 thankfully, and shout excitedly marriage will happen… Anupriya ask why is she so satisfied🙂?? Kalayani say due to the fact she will witness Samuhik Vivha for first time, she may be online even, and goes… She suppose🤔 to speak to Malhar quickly about Marriage of Sarthak and Anupriya…

Pawar supply evidence box to Malhar and while he open he get emotional😢 and ask is this handkerchief discovered for the duration of accident?? Malhar remembers some thing and one female became proven weaving that handkerchief!! Pawar say sure… Malhar experience emotional😢 and cry😢…

Sarthak and Anupriya talk about Malhar and Kalayani courting and curse the return of Keshav.. unexpectedly Anupriya strike with container and her things fall.. Sarthak try and assist her but prevent himself.. Anupriya pickup matters and sarthak locate threat letters despatched with the aid of Madhuri.. He confront her.. Anupriya say let bygones be bygones.. Madhuri is dead, and if Kalayani discover about those letters she will be able to get harm 😢🤕simplest… Sarthak say kalayani may be satisfied🙂, as these letters are proof of Atul’s innocence.. Anupriya agrees, but ask him to talk to Malhar.. Sarthak is about to say something however Aao saheb name Anupriya.. She goes, and Sarthak suppose🤔 if Malhar discover reality about Keshav, than Kalayani and Malhar relationship might be spoiled..

Kalayani is proven dancing💃🏻 infront of Moksh and communicate about Sarthak and Anupriya Marriage, Moksh smiles😊 and Claps👏🏻.. Malhar come and find a few record📒 and get shock.. He take out handkerchief and get emotional😢 ask about Sarthak?? Kalayani say don’t understand.. Malhar locate sarthak outdoor.. Sarthak offer him tea☕ however Malhar take him to speak out.. all at once Anupirya get hurt via nails, Malhar experience odd.. Sarthak help Anupriya in disposing of nails from her leg and Kalayani smiles🙂 seeing this… Kaisa yeh ishq hai tune🎵 plays.. Aao Saheb scold workers for being careless.. She and Kalayani take Anupriya inner..

Malhar ask Sarthak to pop out its essential to talk right now.. Sarthak strive to talk little later, but Malhar insists and take him along.. physician come and inform to give injection💉.. Anupriya get scared😨, and try to avoid from getting injection💉, but aao saheb and Kalayani insists for injection💉.. physician deliver injection💉 and goes.. Kalayani and Aao Saheb ask Anupriya to rest… Atharav is looking all this and smiles🙂 that his plan got a success.. Atharav and Sampada talk about Anupriya marriage in samuhik vivha and insult complete family…

Precap Upcoming Tujhse Hai Raabta episode update: Atharav and Sampada bribe man for marrying anupriya.. Sampada get equipped Anupriya in bridal attaire.. Anupriya is in faint state, while guy is set to fill Anuriya Hairline…


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