Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Atul asks Aao Saheb to let Aparna and Vaman join together and says at whatever point I see her alone, I feel remorseful. Kalyani comes to Aao Saheb and falls on her feet, claims to cry and overlays her hands and requests that her tell the sweet shop and festoon shop folks to offer that to us. She says I am your stupendous little girl. Aao Saheb gets glad. Kalyani says she thought to prod her and calls Atharv. Atharv brings desserts box. Kalyani says I have comprehended you well so had purchased everything on the web. She says they have sent this example and will send roses, laurels, desserts and everything required for the marriage. Atharv attempts to make Aao Saheb eat it. She tosses the desserts and asks Kalyani from where she will get mother and pandit.

Kalyani says what is the need of kanyadaan and says Aatya is mine, we won’t do kanyadaan as this will be her home consistently. She says about the Pandit, my Malhar ji has much learning and he will progress toward becoming Pandit too. She says she will complete the marriage tomorrow first thing. Kalyani discloses to Atul that Malhar helped her do Madhuri’s Shradh else Aao Saheb wouldn’t have given her a chance to do it. Atul says I thought him wrong. Kalyani says he is exceptionally decent person. Atul says he will feel great when Aparna gets hitched. Kalyani says she has kept haldi at night and asks Malhar to recite every one of the mantras for marriage. Sarthak says I will complete the marriage as I instructed everything to Malhar. Sampada comes there and admonishes Kalyani for orchestrating her folks’ marriage. Aparna chides Sampada and says I have fouled up with her and afterward additionally she is satisfying girl’s duty. Atharv says she is terrible aunt. Sampada says you have grabbed my child and Aai, you will never be cheerful. She reviles her to be troubled. Everybody gets stunned.

Malhar aks Ketki about her. Ketki says she was hitched to Dinkar 5 years back and we moved here for his business. She says he opened the vehicle organization and the fear based oppressors procured one of the rhythm. She says they will murder me additionally and says I won’t go out. Malhar says I realize where to take her.

Anupriya brings Aparna for the haldi function. Sarthak brings Vaman there. Anupriya says you are getting hitched to your very own better half. Atul says your family came, and says Aao Saheb and Sampada will concur soon. Atharv and Kalyani move on the melody mehendi saja ke rakhna. Kalyani wears double character garments. Everybody applauds. Sarthak says Kalyani going to the marriage from the two sides. Malhar is headed with Ketki. Ketki blacks out and tumbles down on Malhar, just they return home. Kalyani inquires as to whether she will get Malhar’s name composed on her hand. Anupriya requests that her compose it. Kalyani says I will shock him and sits for getting the mehendi connected. Malhar lifts Ketki and strolls inside the house. He says somebody please bring the water and takes Ketki to room. Kalyani sees her and supposes she is Ketki. Sarthak says he is Malhar’s school companion. Atharv inquires as to whether Baba brought new Aai for him.

Precap: Kalyani asks Malhar where did he discover Ketki? Ketki says I would prefer not to meet you in this condition and fainst once more. Kalyani holds her hand and her mehendi gets demolished.


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