Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with the ladies gambling the video games after the puja. Anupriya hides Malhar’s face with veil when the ladies are dancing and singing. The terrorist calls Mugdha and says I asked you to divert Malhar and asks how dare you to run. He threatens her and says in case you screen about fifteenth August plan to absolutely everyone then you definately won’t be stored. The girl sings the non secular songs even as the alternative ladies dance. Atharv comes there and hugs a female calling her baba. Aao Saheb asks Pallavi to address her brother and take him from there. Kalyani laughs. Aao Saheb tells every body that Atharv is sick and remedy goes on. She asks Meenakshi and Kalyani to play the game. Anupriya thinks if his veil actions then Aao Saheb will take my existence and his also. Malhar’s veil is removed from his head. all of us sees

Malhar and receives amazed. Kalyani turns into regular and asks Malhar what’s he doing right here? Aao Saheb asks what is this misbehavior? Anupriya tells the entirety that Kalyani were given hypnotized and that’s why Malhar sat with her to make her whole the vidhis. Malhar says Kalyani has stored Mangala Gauri speedy for me and that i want her to complete it. He says i’ve saved rapid for her and don’t want to lose a hazard to do something for his wife. Kalyani says you have stored fast. The girls praise Malhar and tells Kalyani that she could be very fortunate to have such a husband. Malhar apologizes to the ladies.
The lady tells that their husband shall analyze a lesson from him. Kalyani asks did I turn out to be Atharv? Anupriya says sure. Kalyani asks did I behave strange? Malhar says yes. Kalyani asks did I tell something incorrect to Malhar ji. Anupriya says no and tells that Malhar is so understanding and wouldn’t have scolded her. Malhar says i’m able to depart. The girl asks him to wait and complete the closing rasam. Kalyani asks what rasam. Aao Saheb scoffs her and asks Malhar to complete this rasam also. Anupriya explains to Kalyani about the rasam. one of the girl tell her husband’s call within the riddles and inform. Kalyani says this rasam may be very thrilling and says i’m able to do it too. She says I stick with you to love a chewing gum to irritate you and says thanks Malhar ji for bearing me and calls him Aurangabad ke singham. each person claps. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Malhar don’t respect her. Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that Kalyani has so much admire and love for her husband. Atharv comes there and bites Pallavi’s hand as she stops him. He involves Kalyani and asks her to scold and beat the men beating him.

Kalyani attempts to prevent him. Atharv takes her forcibly to the storeroom and asks her to conquer the goons who has crushed him. They push and make him cave in. Kalyani gets irritated and asks in the event that they don’t see that mental health is bad. She sees bomb falling out of bag and receives stunned. She asks Atharv to move and calls Malhar. Atharv says Aai. The goons try to run. Kalyani tries to stop them. They run out. The bomb gets activated. They drop the bag and go inside the van. Kalyani shouts asking Atul to throw it, says there’s bomb in it. Atul is bowled over. Malhar runs to Atul. Kalyani is likewise strolling toward him. Malhar takes the bomb in his hand earlier than Kalyani may want to take and runs far from there. Kalyani shouts at him asking him to throw it. Malhar runs and throws the bomb inside the well. It bursts. Kalyani is coming there. Malhar hugs her and that they give way, The properly breaks as the bomb explodes. Atul is shocked.

Malhar finds the RDX within the outhouse. Pawar says how did a lot RDX is delivered right here. Vaman says i was doubtful on you so called you. Malhar asks Pawar to seiled the RDX and says the goons would possibly need to spread terror. Atul is in shock. Aao Saheb asks him to drink water. Kalyani asks Atul to loosen up and tells that everyone is excellent. Aao Saheb blames Malhar and asks from in which the RDX came in my residence. She says they need to be having enmity with you. Vaman says they don’t know Malhar and says they have to have a large plan. Aao Saheb scolds him for speakme. Malhar says i’m able to arrest you right now and asks who gave them permission to preserve the luggage within the outhouse. He says i can arrest you…

Aao Saheb scolds Malhar and says you have usually compressed me the usage of your uniform. Atul asks her no longer guilty Malhar. He says this isn’t Malhar’s mistake, i’m alive these days due to him. Kalyani cries fortunately. Atul says if he needed to take revenge from me then he wouldn’t have saved me risking his very own lifestyles. He folds his hand earlier than Malhar and says how to pay off your choose. Malhar holds his hand and says what are you saying? Aao Saheb and Sampada are shocked. Atul asks for forgiveness. Kalyani and Anupriya smiles. Pawar says RDX is loaded within the temple and says I want your signal. Malhar is going.

Precap: Malhar asks Aao Saheb and Atul, did they show any receipt. Atul says I study about the owner’s information and tells about it. Malhar comes to Vilasvadi and sees a younger woman. He calls her call.


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