Tujhse Hai Raabta 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kalyani asks did I become Atharv? Anupriya says yes. Kalyani asks did I carry on odd? Malhar says yes. Kalyani asks did I advise anything incorrectly to Malhar ji. Anupriya says no and tells that Malhar is so understanding and wouldn’t have chastened her. Malhar says I will leave. The woman requests that he pause and complete the last rasam. Kalyani asks what rasam. Aao Saheb insults her and asks Malhar to finish this rasam too. Anupriya discloses to Kalyani about the rasam. One of the woman disclose to her better half’s name in the puzzles and tell. Kalyani says this rasam is exceptionally intriguing and says I will do it as well. She says I stick to you to like a biting gum to bother you and says thank you Malhar ji for bearing me and calls him Aurangabad ke singham. Everybody applauds. Kalyani reveals to Anupriya that Malhar don’t value her.

Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that Kalyani has so much regard and love for her significant other. Atharv comes there and chomps Pallavi’s hand as she stops him. He comes to Kalyani and requests that her admonish and beat the men beating him. Kalyani attempts to stop him. Atharv takes her persuasively to the storeroom and requests that her beat the goons who has beaten him. They push and make him tumble down. Kalyani blows up and inquires as to whether they don’t see that emotional well-being is terrible. She sees bomb dropping out of pack and gets stunned. She asks Atharv to go and calls Malhar. Atharv says Aai. The goons attempt to run. Kalyani attempts to stop them. They run out. The bomb gets initiated. They drop the sack and go in the van. Kalyani yells asking Atul to toss it, says there is bomb in it. Atul is stunned. Malhar races to Atul. Kalyani is likewise running towards him. Malhar takes the bomb in his grasp before Kalyani could remove and keeps running from that point. Kalyani yells at him requesting that he toss it. Malhar runs and tosses the bomb in the well. It blasts. Kalyani is coming there. Malhar embraces her and they tumble down, The well breaks as the bomb detonates. Atul is stunned.

Malhar finds the RDX in the toilet. Pawar says how did as such much RDX is brought here. Vaman says I was far fetched on you alleged you. Malhar asks Pawar to seiled the RDX and says the goons should spread dread. Atul is in stun. Aao Saheb requests that he drink water. Kalyani asks Atul to unwind and tells that everybody is fine. Aao Saheb faults Malhar and asks from where the RDX came in my home. She says they should have animosity with you. Vaman says they don’t know Malhar and says they should have a major arrangement. Aao Saheb reproves him for talking. Malhar says I can capture you at this moment and asks who gave them authorization to keep the packs in the toilet. He says I can capture you…

Aao Saheb admonishes Malhar and says you have constantly packed me utilizing your uniform. Atul asks her not to fault Malhar. He says this isn’t Malhar’s error, I am alive today as a result of him. Kalyani cries cheerfully. Atul says on the off chance that he needed to deliver retribution from me, at that point he wouldn’t have spared me taking a chance with his very own life. He overlays his hand before Malhar and says how to reimburse your support. Malhar holds his hand and says what are you saying? Aao Saheb and Sampada are stunned. Atul requests absolution. Kalyani and Anupriya grins. Pawar says RDX is stacked in the sanctuary and says I need your sign. Malhar goes.

Precap: Malhar asks Aao Saheb and Atul, did they demonstrate any receipt. Atul says I read about the proprietor’s information and tells about it. Malhar comes to Vilasvadi and sees a young woman. He calls her name.


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