Tujhse Hai Raabta 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Malhar doubt atul being terrorist

Episode begin with Ketki telling how she become hurted as she doubt🤔 being accompanied.. Atul come asking Malhar to signal as witness on Aprana Vaman marriage..
Later Ketki and Kalyani speak about Malhar being rude and glad nature.. On other facet Malhar comply with someone and spot Atul there, when atul take a few component in bag..

next morning Atul observe Ketki, while Anupriya intrupts him and he goes.. Anupriya ask Kalayani about being ketki in kitchen, whilst Kalayani say she was late in getting up, so ketki assisting her.. Anupriya try to make her recognize, however Kalyani ignores and is going.. Atharav paint Malhar face 🙂 when kalayani hush him, and attempt to make clean malhar face🙂 however get stuck and that they each get intrupted by way of ketki..

Aparna communicate to anupriya about marriage, however each conform to pay attention to heart❤. Marriage feature start with sarthak as prisit.. He chant mantras.. Atul tell Anupriya about going out and ask her no longer to inform every body..

outdoor a person in joker 🎭🤹🏻‍♂gown attack Atharav and saved through Kalayani, which she inform Sampada as well which sampada ignores… Marriage starts even as Malhar locate Atul being inlvoved in terrorist activites and suppose🤔 he might be compelled..

Later Sarthak ask Kalyani and Malhar to do Kanyadan, and marriage🎎 completes, even as Malhar take Kalyani interior informing Atul worried in terrorist activites and display her proves, Kalyani cry😭😭 and deny in beliving.. He calm her down and tell Atu is probably compelled into this, he shall save him for positive..

Precap: Malhar examine msg in Kalayani smartphone 📱that she requested Atul to run away, and scold her for this.. He say he feel ashmed for cheating his uniform👨🏻‍✈ and usa because of his spouse for helping terrorist atul


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