Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kalyani says I didn’t sit down to chat with him. Malhar demonstrates the message and says you helped him to escape and allowed him to go a long way from me. She reviews and supposes she can’t advise truth to Atul as Malhar confides in her, however her Papa can’t be fear monger. She says I didn’t do this and requests that he trust her. She says I don’t have the foggiest idea how this message came in my telephone. Malhar pushes Kalyani and says you have double-crossed me and break my trust. He says you have gambled numerous individuals’ lives as a result of you. He says Ketki’s significant other is killed by the fear mongers, I disclosed to you confiding in you and says today Ketki’s life is in risk as a result of you. He reports that Atul is engaged with fear monger and says when I heard this, I was stunned as well. He says I revealed to you that somebody is extorting him to do one or the other why I was attempting to discover who was behind it, however you educated him. Anupriya says I have distinction with him, however Atul and Kalyani can’t do this. Malhar says how to trust him. Sarthak requests that he quiet down.

Aao Saheb asks Malhar, how could you to call him psychological oppressor and says you are doing this to trap him. Malhar requests that her tell where is Atul and says he is stowing away as he is fouling up. He says I thought he is coerced by somebody and compelled to do this, yet now in the wake of perusing the message, I am certain that he is a psychological militant. He says I am feeling embarrassed due to his better half. Kalyani requests that he stop it and says she is remaining to her words that she didn’t message him. She says Papa isn’t a psychological oppressor. She says you are incorrect this time and says in light of the fact that you wear uniform that doesn’t imply that you adore our country. She says she additionally cherishes the country. Pawar comes and says Atul’s area is followed. Malhar leaves. Aao Saheb curses him. Anupriya gets stressed for her.

Kalyani comes to room and cries. She says how to refute that the allegation was on you. She says you can’t be the psychological oppressor. Somebody comes there in joker’s clothing and draws close to her creeping. Kalyani sees him/her and gets stunned. She yells and gets up, reviews Atharv telling about the joker. She asks who are you? The joker takes out the veil and uncovers the face. She is Ketki and she grins. Kalyani is stunned and says so you was the person who attempted to suffocate Atharv. Ketki says yes. She says first talk regarding your baba. Kalyani asks what are you attempting to do? Ketki says your Papa isn’t fear based oppressor, I caught him in this wrongdoing. She says that message was sent to you on my adages. She says I will let you know from the begin, says the fear based oppressor took our rhythm on lease, Dinkar came to know at that point and they shoot him. She says Malhar had disclosed to you this, however he didn’t realize that I was not there and I have no peril from them. She says she came to there and made arrangement seeing Malhar. She says Malhar carried me to his home similarly as I arranged. Kalyani is stunned. Ketki says I came to think about you, your Papa and family. She says it was difficult to trap him as he remained in prison previously. She says when I met you, I felt that you will never acknowledge that your dad is fear monger and this will isolate Malhar and you. She says I got his telephone stolen and requested that my man send message to you. Kalyani asks where is my Papa?

Ketki says he fled and on the off chance that he returns, at that point he will be imprisoned. Kalyani inquires as to for what reason would you say you are doing this? Ketki acts insanely, consumes the joker’s garments and holds Kalyani’s hairs and says she needs Malhar only for herself. She says Malhar was only mine, the day was unfavorable when Sampada came in his life and after that you. She says don’t imagine that you are reasonable for him. She says I need to give you a similar discipline which I provided for Atharv. She reveals to Kalyani that Malhar won’t trust her and thinks Atul sold out him. She says on the off chance that I was on your place, at that point would have pressed my stuff and left home at this point. Kalyani dismisses the basin and sets from the flame. She snickers and says you are so senseless, you believe that you can isolate Malhar and me. She says you completed a major misstep by testing me. She says you don’t have any acquaintance with me, I like difficulties and I am obstinate to such an extent that I do what I needed. She says our connection isn’t frail that it will break with a little misconstruing. She says our connection is exceptionally solid and all your scheme will be frail infront of us. She says I will expose you and will likewise demonstrate my Papa’s honesty.

Precap: Malhar demonstrates Anupriya and Atul’s pic to Anupriya on Ketki’s versatile and says it demonstrates that you met him hidingly. He asks Kalyani not to converse with Maayi from now. Anupriya cries.


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