Tujhse Hai Raabta 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kalyani inquires as to whether she will tell Malhar and says he won’t trust her. Anupriya says Malhar won’t trust her. Kalyani comes to converse with Malhar and hears him conversing with police Inspector and giving them guidelines not to shoot Atul. She supposes he is worried for her still. Malhar sees her and inquires as to whether she needs to state that her baba is honest, his telephone is stolen and another person informed you. Moksh begins crying. Kalyani takes him and inquires as to whether he suspected baba reprimanded her. She says we will beat baba. Moksh chuckles. Malhar grins.

Ketki yells. Malhar rushes to her. He finds the dart harming her neck and takes it out. Ketki says Kalyani’s dad needs to murder me. Malhar says he isn’t here. Kalyani squeezes her neck irately. Malhar requests that her leave her. Kalyani says dart may be harmful and I need to prevent the toxin from spreading in her body. Malhar inquires as to whether this is the way. Kalyani says I truly need to support her. Malhar says I am there for her and approaches her not to stress for her. Kalyani grins. Ketki goes to Ganapati to give her solidarity to demonstrate her Papa’s guiltlessness. Ketki comes and says you have demonstrated that you are not developed enough and can’t face difficulties. She says you have progressed toward becoming spouse and mother in this age. Kalyani says I will reveal to you what 18 years young lady can do and tells about Deepshika, page 3 lady who wedded at 18 years old and turned into a mother. She says she didn’t acknowledge thrashing confronting the difficulties and tells that even she loves difficulties. She gets some information about Malhar, Billu and her and not to put weight on her little personality. Ketki goes.

Aao Saheb says don’t have a clue when Malhar will quit alarming her. Pallavi and Vivek stress that Malhar will accomplish something with him. Aao Saheb gets some information about Anupriya. Pallavi says she should be with Kalyani or with Sarthak on a call. Malhar and Ketki get back home. Anupriya additionally comes there. Malhar asks her what did Atul say? Anupriya says I didn’t converse with him. Malhar demonstrates Anupriya’s pic with Atul in Ketki’s telephone. Anupriya met him and educates him concerning Ketki. He tells that he was assaulted and somebody grabbed his telephone. He advises that he couldn’t converse with his companions and will bring proofs. Ketki clicks their pic. Atul solicits her to take care from herself and Kalyani. Malhar asks Anupriya for what valid reason she is deceiving him. Anupriya feels lazy. Kalyani goes to her and holds her. Malhar says you both have deceived me previously and inquires as to whether she needs her name to be associated with him then she will not meet Anupriya. He says in the event that she conflicts with him, at that point she will progress toward becoming Kalyani Deshmukh from Kalyani Rane. Ketki grins. She comes there and asks Malhar not to be irate on Kalyani. Malhar goes out. Ketki grins and acts to have sympathy on her.

Malhar converses with Pawar and requests that he keep him educated. Kalyani brings nourishment and requests that he eat. She asks him not to take out outrage on sustenance and says she will toss it. She at that point says she will eat it and says it is a negative behavior pattern to toss sustenance. He takes a gander at her indignantly. He takes the sustenance plate and says you are frightened that I will reprimand you when you talk about tossing nourishment and asks on the off chance that she is so terrified, at that point for what valid reason do she does enormous things. He gets a call and hacks. Kalyani grabs his telephone and makes him drink water. Malhar takes a gander at her. Kalyani says you can admonish me and rebuff me, yet I can’t prevent myself from helping you when you are in torment.

Precap: Ketki’s goons tosses stones on Anupriya calling her fear monger’s better half. Kalyani acts the hero.


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