Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Malhar chatting on telephone. Kalyani comes there and says ACP Saheb, help me. Pawar and Malhar see Anupriya in it. Malhar says Maayi. Pawar helps Anupriya sit. Kalyani tells that he isn’t right in his eyes, yet there was no demonstrates against us. She says until we are demonstrated that we are liable, we are inhabitants of this country.

She says she needs VIP security for her Aai, much the same as Police offers security to VIPs. She says my Aai isn’t not exactly any VIP and says she needs assurance till she takes her to medical clinic and furthermore she needs insurance at home. She says I am not asking you as your significant other, however as the resident of this country. Malhar asks Pawar to give police insurance at home and says I will take you to emergency clinic and will carry out my responsibility well.

Ketki thinks Malhar will blow up on Kalyani now, yet she sees Kalyani and Anupriya coming there with Malhar. He requests that her head inside and not to peep at opposite side of house. Aao Saheb tosses Anupriya’s stuff and shows legal documents. She says you need to record legal documents, insults her and requests that her go. Pallavi requests that her go and says Sarthak is there to roll rotis for you. Kalyani yells at Pallavi and says Aai’s little girl is as yet alive. She comes to Malhar and inquires as to whether you will be quiet tuning in to your mum getting offended. She says she can’t be quiet and will go out with her Aai. She says last time when Aao Saheb tossed us out, you have haven to us saying you don’t need family regard to be demolished. Ketki grins.

Kalyani says this time your significant other will leave. Malhar inquires as to whether she is done and says he has standards with respect to the lady. He says Maayi you can remain in my home and asks Kalyani to pick the sacks and head inside. He says you have coerced me so well and is astute. He goes. Aao Saheb says earth left your home. Kalyani comes to Ketki and says it was your arrangement, I knew. She gives her rose and says thanks to her. Ketki says it is great that your Aai is in your home now, Malhar will show you out and after that you need a shoulder to cry. Aao Saheb comes there and offers lep to Anupriya. Kalyani says Aai is unwell. She says she needs them to draw out Ketki’s reality.

Anupriya says I informed her concerning ketki. Aao Saheb says similarly as the legal documents came, I acted to toss her out. She says she is setting off to Vaman’s home to take his marks. Atharv demands to go with her. Kalyani demands her to take him. Aao Saheb and Atharv go to Vaman’s home. Atharv looks in the well. Aao Saheb asks him not to curve down inside. Aparna gets passionate seeing Aao Saheb and contacts her feet. Vaman asks Aparna to cause tea and they to head inside. He enlightens Aao Saheb regarding his coconut business. Aao Saheb calls Atharv. He takes a coconut and heads inside.

Kalyani meets Malhar and Ketki’s companions Abhi and Janki. Malhar and Ketki come there. They get shocked. Malhar gets upbeat and welcomes them. Abhi says they felt awful about her significant other and says we didn’t realize that you were hitched 5 years back. Janki says a year ago when you met me, you said you aren’t hitched. Anupriya and Kalyani grins. Kalyani says something isn’t right with her marriage. Ketki gets strained. Malhar asks Ketki, you said that you was hitched 5 years back. Ketki tears her sleeves and shows wounds on her body. Malhar asks who did this? Ketki says this is Dinkar’s last blessing to me.

She reveals to Janki that she was hitched to Dinkar 5 years back, yet he didn’t care for me conversing with anybody. She says on the off chance that you had said that you need to meet my significant other, at that point what might I say. She grins taking a gander at Kalyani and says she needed to converse with Malhar, yet couldn’t converse with him fearing Dinkar. Malhar takes her to room. Kalyani says sorry to learn and Abhi. Abhi says we never believed that Ketki’s condition will be so terrible. Kalyani reveals to Anupriya that Ketki is extremely shrewd. Janki and Abhi leave.

Malhar chides Ketki for bearing everything alone and not revealing to him anything. Ketki says stop it and says I considered all of you the time, yet couldn’t call you. She says I feel that Dinkar was engaged with the psychological oppressors and says she heard him conversing with somebody covertly. She requests that he scan their home indeed for pieces of information. Malhar says alright, I will check in your home. Ketki holds and stops him. Kalyani is hearing them and says I won’t let you trap in her net. She says she will make her straight in her style.

Precap: Ketki makes Malhar alcoholic and attempts to draw nearer to him in her home. Kalyani suspects Malhar is in threat.


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