Tuticorin Custodial Death: Celebrated by father-son death in police custody, told 'George Floyd' of India

The actors of Tamil film industry are very angry and shocked at this time. The death of a man named P Jayaraj and his son Phenix in police custody has shaken everyone. The father and son were called for questioning in connection with the violation of the lockdown from where they did not return alive.

The incident is from Satanakulam police station. According to the Hindustan Times report, the father and son were allegedly brutally beaten by the police. He was accused of keeping his mobile shop open during the lockdown. Phenix died in Kovilpatti Hospital on 22 June, while the father died on 23 June.

As the news of the incident spread, many celebrities in the Tamil film industry expressed their anger on Twitter and demanded justice for the family. Actress-turned-politician Khushboo Sundar wrote – In the case of Jai Raj and Phenix, will we see the culprits getting punished? The guilty should not escape under any circumstances. A family has lost their love. Delay in justice means denial of justice.

Jayam Ravi wrote- There is no one above the law. Justice should be found for this inhuman act. Karthik Subbaraj wrote – What happened in Santakulam is Bhayanak. Humiliation of humanity. The accused officers should be punished and the dead should get justice. Some humans are more dangerous than viruses.

D Imaan wrote that I was shaken after seeing the cruelty on Jayaram and Phenix. I do not understand completely inhuman and tyranny. What would have happened to them Let India raise its voice against this ruthless act. Jayaraj and Phenix are George Floyd of India.

Gautam Karthik wrote – I am scared to hear of the atrocities on Jayaram and Phenix in Santakulam. May his soul rest in peace. This is not the work of God nor of honest policemen who maintain justice and law and order. This is the work of some ill-tempered criminals wearing uniforms.


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