Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has interviewed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Wednesday morning, 9 am the entire interview was shared by the ANI on social media.

PM Modi told Akshay Kumar - Your wife gets angry at me, Twinkle Khanna gave these answers
Akshay Kumar, PM Modi and Twinkle Khanna (Photo Credits: Facebook)

During the conversation, Akshay asked some interesting questions from the PM. A comment from Narendra Modi’s interview has caught on social media. He said to Akshay, “I see social media, so what is going on outside of me .. I know it. I also watch twinkle Khanna and also twitter like me If you get angry, then I think that will keep your family peaceful. “

By hearing PM Modi’s comments, Akshay was also forced to laugh. Now Twinkle Khanna has given his reaction to PM Modi’s statement. He wrote on his Twitter handle, “I have a positive way of looking at this. PM Modi knows that I am present and I also read my work.”

Let me tell you that twinkle khanna often shares his thoughts on social media through tweets. He is not hesitant to hold his opinion on any issue. Sometimes their tweets are also linked to the government. About this, PM Modi had said that Twinkle is angry with him.


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