Udaan 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

People protesting in opposition to Chakor. Lata sees the news of Bhanu buying the land of Aazaadgunj. She gets upset. Bhanu says I notion you could hug me out of happiness, I experience you ought to be proud of me. He receives lying to her. Lata goes.

Lallan comes and says our goons have reached Chakor’s residence. Bhanu smiles and asks him to complete Chakor and Raghav’s story. The villagers ask Chakor why did she cheat them, how did she grasp their homes and happiness, how will they spend their lives now. Raghav asks how can you believe you studied that Chakor can try this. He defends Chakor. They argue. Anjor hears a sound and is going to look. The goon hits Chakor with stones. Raghav and Anjor get taken aback. Raghav scolds the person. The goons provoke the villagers. Chakor and Raghav run within the haveli and lock the door. Villagers and goons attack them. Anjor says we must go. Anjor asks what’s going on. Chakor asks Tejaswini to just take Anjor and go to Kasturi’s house. They ship the circle of relatives. Chakor says we can’t prevent them for long.

They keep hands and run. The villagers damage into the haveli. The media covers the information. The villagers see Raghav and Chakor, and observe them. Bhanu enjoys the news. Chakor and Raghav run at the roads. Villagers observe. They fall down. Bhanu’s goons throw kerosene at them. The goon says we will burn you alive. they try to ignite the firestick. Chakor says we need to run, else they may burn us alive. They run. The goon throws the matchstick and ignites the kerosene. Chakor and Raghav run quicker. Raghav’s garments capture hearth. Chakor receives shocked. Goons comply with to kill them. Chakor’s dupatta also catches the hearth. They run and see a few dirty dust. They soar in it to get stored. The villagers surround them. Chakor says its a quicksand, we have become pulled in. Raghav asks the villagers to store them, will they kill Chakor. Goon says allow them to die, she has snatched our land and now the land is killing them. Chakor shouts Raghav….. Raghav sinks in. Chakor receives bowled over. She cries and also sinks in. Udaan hai…performs….

Precap:- Anjor says I need to locate my mum. Leela says she isn’t alive now, the villagers have burnt her alive. Anjor cries. Leela asks her to run away, else these human beings will kill her as well. Anjor sees the villagers.

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