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Villagers informing Tejaswini approximately Chakor and Raghav’s demise. Tejaswini denies it. Anjor shouts and says my mum will come again, nothing will appear to her. Tejaswini hugs her and says we can pray for Chakor, include me. They pray for Chakor and Raghav. Chakor and Raghav are somewhere at the lakeside. Raghav receives aware. He wakes up and receives taken aback seeing Chakor. He shouts madam…. He asks are you quality, open your eyes, this could’t manifest, no…. Wind blows within the residence. Diya sparkles by using air. Raghav shouts for assist. Diya blows off. Anjor issues. She says nothing will appear to my mum. She prays for Chakor and cries. She says I m going to find mum. Raghav hugs Chakor tightly. She coughs and gets aware. He thanks Lord. She asks in which is Anjor. He says she may be pleasant with Tejaswini, don’t fear.

Anjor runs on the road and recalls Chakor. She cries and says where are you, I should move in to locate you. She sees irritated villagers. Leela hides Anjor. Chakor says what came about with us, we were given ruined, villagers want to kill us, nobody is there to guide me. Leela stops Anjor and asks her to run away, else villagers will kill her. She says the villagers have burnt Chakor and Raghav to death, run away, villagers will kill you. Anjor cries and runs to discover Chakor. She shouts mumma… Chakor is at a few temple. She cries and says i have always worshipped you, shield my Anjor, make me meet her. Anjor receives Chakor’s earring and says she could be round.

Raghav asks Chakor to have meals, else she will be able to get vulnerable. Chakor hears Anjor shouting. She says Anjor is calling me, she desires me. Raghav says that woman is asking out her mum, she isn’t Anjor, you’ve got despatched Anjor with Tejaswini, she could be safe, don’t fear. He asks her to hold his hand, they may begin a brand new existence with Anjor in a few new city. Chakor asks how will this take place, Anjor will now not take delivery of this. Raghav asks why, i will provide her uch love as Suraj might have given her, you understand I do what I say, do you believe me. She holds his hand. They cross inside the temple. He makes her put on the crimson chunri. He says I need to give you admire, I want to take you a long way wherein past doesn’t chase us, I need to begin a brand new lifestyles with you, I promise i can give you plenty love. He proposes her for marriage and indicates sindoor. She cries thankfully. He is ready to fill sindoor in her maang. Anjor comes there and appears on. Anjor thinks Chakor doesn’t love me, she is marrying this guy. Chakor stops Raghav from filling her maang and says Anjor… She looks round and doesn’t see her. She says I felt Anjor is around.

He asks do you love me. She says yes, i really like you plenty. He asks why did you stop me from filling your maang. She recollects Anjor’s phrases. She says we are living for Anjor, if she is sad, how do we live satisfied. Raghav says I becomes Suraj for Anjor. Chakor says no, you are honestly satisfactory Raghav, Anjor has to accept you, i’m able to’t harm Anjor for my happiness, forgive me. She returns chunri to him and goes. He cries.

Precap: Chakor hugs Raghav and cries. She says i will’t stay with you, we have to escape. She runs far from him. He cries seeing her going.

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