Udaan 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts offevolved with Anjor waiting for Sameer’s message. She doesn’t get the message. Sameer thinks of Chakor’s words and doesn’t message her. His dad calls him and scolds him for enjoying a horrific scripted play. Sameer says I m sorry. Jaya asks what befell, what did Sameer do. His dad says he has insulted a mom’s image. She asks what’s all this. Chakor comes and prevents Manoj. She says its now not Sameer’s mistake, I had written this play, some awful college students changed the script. Sameer apologizes. He promises to now not repeat the error. Manoj asks him to take into account this.

Anjor comes from a tub. She sees Kiku in her room. She asks how dare you come in my room, get out. He asks why, can just Sameer come in your room. She asks him to get out. He refuses and flirts together with her. She says don’t pressure me to name dad, I didn’t inform every person about your conduct, you’re my cousin, you’re badly eyeing me. He says how adorable Anjy, you aren’t Jatin’s actual daughter. She hits him and shouts dad, Kiku got hurt. He says you psycho, I m leaving.

Chakor thinks I may want to have discovered my daughter, but I failed, because of Anjy. Sameer gives her tea. He asks why did you inform dad about Anjy. She asks why did you hide reality. He says what would I do, you both are against each different. He cries. She asks will you pay attention to me. He agrees and apologizes. She says stay far from Anjy, her mum doesn’t such as you, she isn’t proper for you. He remembers Anjor. He receives Anjor’s name and disconnects. She says staying faraway from her will be excellent for you. Anjor says how dare he disconnects my name.

Reema says you’re in love with him. Anjor denies it. She says understanding Chakor lives in his house, i’m able to never love him, he has to pay a fee, i will quit his love. She is going to Sameer. She asks why are you ignoring me. He is going. She is going after him and asks why didn’t you solution my name, why are you jogging away. He says we have tons distinction among us, my own family relies upon on me and my result, i will’t spoil their expectancies, my dad is just harm by way of that skit, i’m able to by no means do this again, I belong to middle elegance own family and may’t be equal to you, you have got the whole lot, i have my dad’s earned respect, i will’t lose it, you better pass your way, allow me be on my manner, you usually considered me pal, but I considered you extra than a pal. She asks did your love give up. He says no, your circle of relatives doesn’t like me. She says you’re leaving me when I began loving you.

He says sorry, i will’t maintain this relation. She shouts i like you Sameer. He stops. She says i like you so much, i’m able to do what you say, don’t depart. He says you like me, will you do what I say, you have to express regret to my Maasi, are you able to do this. She thinks I gained’t apologize to Chakor. She leaves. Prakash asks did you cross mad, she loves you, accept this, why are you asking her to try this. Sameer says she doesn’t love me. Anjor is going to Chakor. each person seems on as Anjor is going at the stage and admits her mistake. Anjor apologizes to Chakor in the front of everybody. Sameer smiles. Anjor says I realize you are a great deal harm, will you forgive me. Chakor forgives her. all and sundry claps. She hugs Anjor. Anjor says sorry, my foot, something I did, you deserved it, I m under no circumstances guilty, bear in mind this. Chakor gets greatly surprised.

Precap: Chakor sees Sameer with Anjor. She says Anjy can’t be relied on. Sameer says I gained’t listen a phrase against her. Chakor calls Poonam to fulfill her. Poonam has the same opinion.


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