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The Episode starts with Anjor faking an apology to Chakor. She walks off. Chakor looks on bowled over. Anjor cries and does a drama in the front of Sameer. She says maybe I m no longer deserving of you. He says announcing sorry isn’t an easy element, you said sorry for my sake, i really like you a lot. They hug. Anjor signs her pals and smiles. Chakor thinks of Anjor’s phrases and thinks why did she do this. She goes out and sees Sameer with Anjor. They hug. Anjor drops him and goes. Chakor says so you met Anjy, she is unusual, stay far from her, she apologized unexpectedly. He says I decided to go away Anjy and neglect her, but she has modified, she apologized to you. He doesn’t pay attention to her and goes. She thinks what’s going on, why did Anjy’s mum come here.

Poonam says Anjy said she will be able to handle Sameer, she will be able to’t take any wrong selection, you recognize Anjy, she is hot tempered, she can teach a lesson to that man. She gets a call from Chakor. Chakor says I m Sameer’s aunt, can i talk to anjy’s mother. Poonam says inform me, I m Anjy’s mother. Chakor says I wanted to speak to you about Anjy and Sameer, I m involved, can we meet. Poonam is of the same opinion and thinks to educate her a lesson. She sends Minty to fulfill Chakor. Minty comes to cafe and tricks Chakor. She says I m Anjy’s Bua, I have no time, inform me why did you call me.

Chakor says I don’t know about Anjy’s intentions, maintain her faraway from Sameer. Minty says we are able to handle Anjor, you hold Sameer far from her, he runs after her all the time. At university, Prakash jokes and tells Sameer that he will become wealthy after marrying Anjor. Sameer smiles. He says I need to satisfy Anjy’s expectancies, I m scared, if she doesn’t alter in my residence, I haven’t any choice than running hard. Prakash says she will be able to regulate everywhere if she loves you. Anjor is along with her pals. She sees Chakor and laughs. She goes and anger Chakor. Chakor says your real face will come out, you are sick mannered, you may’t hurt Sameer, live away, else I won’t leave you. Anjor thinks to hurt Sameer now to hurt Chakor. She says I m so scared. She sees Sameer coming and scolds Chakor.

She says why is your daughter no longer here, no person can live with you, maybe your household also left you. She angers Chakor. Chakor says close up, how dare you communicate about my daughter. Anjor asks where is she, did she run away, its proper she has run away, I m rattling certain she hates you, I want you never get her. Chakor raises her hand. Sameer comes and prevents Chakor. Chakor says this lady…. Anjor begins her drama and apologizes chakor says her tears are fake, take a look at her. Sameer says Anjy can’t be wrong, did you ask her to live away from me, answer me. Chakor says yes, I told Anjy to stay far from you. He asks Chakor no longer to interfere in his life again. Anjor sees Chakor and thinks i have made you lonely nowadays. Sameer consoles Anjy. She asks will you leave me in case your parents reject me. He says no, i really like you loads. She says so show it. He asks what shall I do. She says make me meet your parents. He concurs and asks her to live happy. She thank you and hugs him. She thinks to train him a lesson.

Precap Upcoming Udaan episode update: Sameer says i love you Anjy and kisses her. Poonam seems on.


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