Udaan 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Sameer verifying his camera and asking Anjor to prepare quick. She gets mixed up. He gets water for her. She tosses the glass and won’t drink water. Chanda comes. She says Anjy has kept a quick for you, each Suhaagan keeps quick for her significant other. She asks Sameer to prepare. She runs with Anjor. Sameer thinks did Anjy truly keep quick for me, I need to leave after puja, else it will be a major issue. Pakhi opens the entryway and sees goons with Bhanu. Lallan focuses firearm at her.

Sameer and Anjor want the puja. Chanda inquires as to for what reason is your maang void, you need to apply sindoor. She asks Sameer to fill Anjy’s maang. Sameer looks on. Bhanu asks Pakhi who remains with you here, what connection you have with Anjor and Sameer. Pakhi asks who, I don’t get anything. Bhanu says she won’t state along these lines. Lallan gets her and takes her out. Chakor petitions God for Sameer and Anjor. Anjor says I m Sameer’s significant other. She requests that he fill sindoor. He fills sindoor in her maang before Devimaa. Chanda looks on. Soniye… .plays… Chakor lights a diya and sits tight for Anjor. She says is Anjor is in a bad position. The diya flashes. Chakor says you need to get Pakhi, Sameer and Anjor to me securely. Pakhi won’t utter a word. Bhanu asks Lallan to beat Pakhi. Chakor gets eager. Pakhi cries. Bhanu says Pakhi can’t conflict with me. Pandit asks where is Bhanu, its time for maha aarti. Chanda says he went for pixie work, we can hardly wait for him. She begins the aarti.

Lallan says we should discover what she is covering up. Bhanu says I know everything, she will kick the bucket and they will likewise bite the dust, she has cut my back, she conned me. Chakor races to see Pakhi. Bhanu says you swindled me, presently you will see the outcome. He wounds Pakhi. Townspeople get stunned. Pakhi falls dead. Bhanu admonishes everybody. He says now its Sameer and Anjy’s turn. He leaves with his goons. Chakor comes to town and sees the group.

Anjor’s hand consumes by the oil. Chanda wipes her hand. Chakor gets stunned seeing Pakhi dead. She yells Pakhi and cries. She says Bhanu will currently murder Sameer and Anjor. Chanda sees the bandhua stamp on Anjor’s hand. Bhanu and goons return home. Chakor pursues Bhanu. Bhanu prevents himself from assaulting Anjor on observing the bandhua stamp. Chanda asks how could you get this stamp on your hand. He asks who are you, this stamp demonstrates that you are my bandhua. Chakor comes and looks on.

Bhanu solicits how could you go out from Aazaadgunj, you will get rebuffed. Anjor says leave my hand. Sameer attempts to spare her. Bhanu removes her. Sameer gets stunned seeing Chakor and says you here… .. Anjor says abandon me. Lallan says sit calm. Anjor yells for help. Chakor says Anjor… Sameer says Bhanu is unsafe. She says I know, he is a fallen angel, he won’t leave Anjor alive. Anjor yells to Sameer.

Precap Upcoming Udaan Episode Update: Sameer and Chakor hurried to spare Anjor. Bhanu takes her some place. Chakor says where did they go. Sameer says we will discover her. They search for Anjor.


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