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Few Women Talking approximately Anjor. After ten years, Anjor is seen driving to her college in her pink automobile. She receives compliments from her buddies. guys walk after her. A woman pronounces and needs valentines day. She says we’ve got a heart-shaped electricity hidden inside the university, whoever receives this primary, will get a danger to this point the character of their choice. Anjor runs fast. the man sees her and says I must win this assignment, I have to take Anjy to promenade night with me. all of us appears for coronary heart formed electricity. Anjor and the guy see it collectively.

They run and soar to get it. They fall down and have a second. Anjor wins the strength and goes. the guy says I’ve won her happiness, I love her. Anjor says I don’t consider in love, I don’t need to head in the prom night time. The ladies ask how do you run

So rapid, who runs so fast from her circle of relatives, her dad or her mother? Chakor is visible, signing on the discharge papers. She walks out. She says I got unfastened today, my daughter, my own family, maybe awaiting me considering that long, I m coming to Anjor. attorney stops her. She scolds him. He apologizes to her and says I separated you and your daughter, and lost my daughter, I used to be being paid by means of someone to frame you.

She says you’ve got cheated your paintings, I have spent a few years in prison, I have grown to be impassive, I don’t have hatred for you, I’m able to move, my circle of relatives is ready. He says no, your own family got burnt to death, I m pronouncing the truth. She gets stunned and shouts no. Anjor is with her friends. She says love doesn’t exist in my dictionary. She thinks of Chakor and Raghav. the guy comes there and sees Anjor. His pal says you are journalist’s son, and you’re in love with a daughter of media mogul, you love her a lot and lose race each year, the university is finishing, you want a threat again, higher forget her and get everybody else. the man says I have a plan. They see Anjor slapping a person, who gave her a rose. She crushes the rose. the guy seems on and gets tensed. Chakor says you’re mendacity, where is Anjor. legal professional says I recognize that she was given stored from fire, I don’t recognise where is she. Chakor recollects Poonam.

She asks legal professional approximately Poonam and Jatin. He says you have to go to Mumbai if you need to meet them. Poonam comes to Jatin and asks how did Chakor come out of prison. She says if my daughter is going away… Jatin says forestall it, I received’t be quiet now, Chakor is innocent and stayed in jail, I’ve paid money to keep Chakor in jail. She cries and says send Chakor to jail again. He says Anjor got much love from you, she won’t depart you, sorry I can’t take Chakor’s life, you snatched the whole lot from her. Poonam says no person can seize Anjor from me, don’t forget this. the man says I’m able to supply a rose to Anjor. Anjor gets Poonam’s call. Poonam says I m concerned for you. Anjor says I m chilling out with pals at the university. Poonam asks her to come back domestic. Anjor concurs. She says I understand why you are concerned, that Chakor, my day spoils when I think of her. Chakor lands in Mumbai. Udaan hai….performs…. Chakor thinks to fulfil Anjor and hug her.

Precap:- Chakor loses her bag. She shouts. Anjor asks what’s going on. She gets stunned seeing Chakor.

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