Udaan 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Anjor coming to the college wearing a traditional get dressed. Reema asks what are you carrying. Anjor says Sameer gifted this to me, i’ve worn this to electrify his mother and father, they may be coming to satisfy me here. Sameer comes and compliments her. His mother and father come. Anjor greets them. They praise Anjor. Anjor says you have to compliment Sameer, i’ve worn such clothes on his saying, even my servants don’t wear such garments, if my mum and dad had visible me carrying this, they could have scolded me lots. Reema says Anjor is behaving bizarre. Anjor says I heard about you, you’re a honest journalist, you don’t know about me, I need to clear few matters, Sameer is ideal and brave, he loves a female who doesn’t take care of any guy. She tells about her rich life-style. Sameer seems at her and gets stressed.

She says Sameer can find the money for my life-style, so he proposed me, i will leave my luxuries for Sameer, however no longer my wishes, my vehicle is well worth 1 crore, handbag is worth 3 lakhs, my footwear are from Paris, I don’t like fake things and pretend people, i like to head on vacation, I tour business elegance to Europe.

She asks Sameer will he take her to Europe after marriage. He asks why are you announcing this. She says I don’t tolerate hot weather, i love AC. She thinks Sameer became helping Chakor, now i will positioned him in this hassle. Chakor is accomplishing a class. the scholars get a video and snicker. Chakor asks them why are they laughing. The student suggests her Sameer’s video. She rushes. Jaya says we’re poor humans, we are able to’t find the money for your wishes, we can simply provide you with love. Anjor says you realize the meaning of affection, person who loves doesn’t lie ever, doesn’t play with someone’s emotions. Sameer says I informed you sorry.

Anjor says I didn’t receive your sorry, I don’t forget something so easily, I didn’t believe in love, you made me extra confident. She asks his dad does he send his son to study or lure wealthy ladies, so that his existence receives set. Sameer asks her to close up. He says you insulted us a lot, how did you suspect so, you like me proper. She laughs and is going to say i love you to Rocky. She says Rocky knows his really worth and didn’t discover this real, how can Sameer be a duffer, I lied, I don’t love you, how dare you fall in love with me, you ought to stay in limits and dream. Sameer cries. Chakor looks for them and rushes. Anjor insults Sameer and his circle of relatives in addition.

Sameer asks her to prevent it. He asks his dad to come back. Anjor asks them no longer to run away. She insults them more. Sameer’s dad stumbles. Sameer holds him. Chakor comes and slaps Anjor. every person appears on. Anjor cries. Chakor scolds her. Sameer asks his dad to return. His dad pushes him. His circle of relatives leaves. Chakor goes with them. Sameer sees Anjor and cries. He is going.

Sameer comes domestic. His dad slaps him. He says its all my mistake, all my values and self confidence ended, i will not forgive you all life. Chakor says forgive Sameer, its now not his mistake. Sameer’s dad says he proved you wrong, he insulted you when you explained her, he doesn’t should be called a son, he risked my respect and ruined the entirety. He shouts and gets dizzy. He says I m no longer related to Sameer now. Sameer says sorry. His dad says you are lifeless for me now, move far from this residence, get out. Sameer apologizes. His dad says you’re useless for me, just pass. Sameer cries and leaves. absolutely everyone cries. Sameer walks on the street and thinks of the whole lot. Anjor cuts the get dressed and thinks of Chakor’s slap. Sameer recollects Anjor’s words. Anjor burns the dress.

Its morning, Chakor seems for Sameer. Prakash says he isn’t answering. Chakor says in which did he move, we have to locate him. Anjor says why will he talk to him. Reema says Prakash known as and said Sameer is lacking. Chakor looks for Sameer.

Precap Upcoming Udaan episode update: Sameer shouts I hate you Anjor. Anjor is in lockup. Chakor scolds Anjor and says Sameer is combating for his existence due to you. Anjor suggests the bandhua stamp. Chakor says Anjor, my daughter….. Anjor says break out, I hate you.


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