Udaan 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Chakor asking Sameer to take Anjor and leave. They leave. Bhanu says last time you got spared, however this time I will see you consuming. Chakor chastens him. He incites the residents. They hit stones at her. Bhanu says she has abandoned all of you here and consumed this existence in Mumbai, you ought to rebuff her. Chakor says you can take a stab at anything, I won’t lose effectively, these individuals and town are mine, you let me know, what would you be able to do to hurt me, I m honest, allow me to speak, Bhanu is the offender. The residents don’t tune in. Bhanu says stop, will you murder her so effectively, have some good times. He says Chakor you completed a major misstep by coming here, no observe what occurs with you.

Sameer stops the man. He says I m returning to Aazaadgunj. Anjor inquires as to why, we just got spared. Sameer says Chakor took a chance with her life for us. Anjor says I know her, she will endeavor to discover some exit plan, you accompany me. He asks how might you be so childish, your mum has gambled life to spare us. Lallan takes Chakor and ties her up. Bhanu signs him. They torment Chakor. Bhanu says this is only a starting, simply observe what happens now, you were Devi for the townspeople, you spared them from bandhuagiri. She reviews. Sameer sees a cover and a sickle. He takes that and covers himself. He proceeds. Chakor says I m blameless, let me account for myself. Bhanu torments her. Goons make Sameer fall in the profound pit and giggle. Sameer attempts to get free. Bhanu plays dhol and asks Chakor where is Anjor, who will come to spare her now. Anjor comes to help Chakor.

She takes a water pipe and makes Chakor free of the ants. Chakor asks Anjor to simply go, her life is in risk. Anjor tosses water at Bhanu and Lallan. They tumble down. Bhanu yells at her. Anjor hurries to free Chakor. She asks her not to stress. She asks are you fine. Chakor says simply go, don’t stress for me. Anjor says come mumma. Chakor takes a gander at her. They keep running from that point. Bhanu shoots at them. He tails them. Sameer comes there and doesn’t see anybody. He supposes where is Chakor, something terrible will occur, I need to discover them. Bhanu tosses a blade at Chakor. She gets cut in her leg and tumbles down. He asks Lallan to get them. Anjor asks Chakor to come quick. Chakor says simply go, your life is in threat. Anjor says I won’t go, accompany me quick. Anjor sees goons following. She picks the blade and undermines Lallan. Bhanu looks on.

Precap Upcoming Udaan Episode Update: Anjor gets captured by Lallan. Chakor stresses. Bhanu says get them to haveli.


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