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Chakor walking after Jatin’s name. He leaves. Poonam receives Chakor’s locket and asks maid where did she get this. Maid says I got this from the bag Anjor has introduced. Poonam tests the bag and unearths her deal with. She thinks it means Chakor is in Mumbai if she knows Anjor is with me, then…. She says how can Chakor come here.

Anjor is at the manner together with her buddies. She says there’s no love, those men are just mad about me, see what I do with Sameer. Chakor sees the children and feels horrific. Sameer is under the influence of alcohol. Anjor receives him someplace and asks him to dance and show how much he loves her. Sameer says I really like you plenty. He dances on the road. Anjor and her buddies snort. Her friend asks Anjor to call him to lower back. Anjor sees a crane parked there. She gets an idea.

Poonam indicates their deal with to Jatin and says Chakor may additionally come right here, what if she is aware of about Anjor. Jatin says chill out. Poonam says I will stay without Anjor. He says she is eighteen years vintage now, you couldn’t lock her in the room. She says I will do anything, she will listen to me, why are you preventing me. He pacifies her. Anjor fools Sameer and asks him to climb up the crane if he loves her. He is going to the pinnacle to show his love. Anjor says loving me isn’t easy, he has to take the hazard. He shouts I like you.

Anjor leaves. Sameer falls down. Chakor passes with the aid of. She gets stained by using the grimy mud while Anjour’s automobile passes. She sees Sameer in hassle. She rushes to help him. She slaps him and scolds him for attempting suicide. He says no, I used to be doing this for my GF. She asks in which do you live, tells me, how will I make you reach home. She tests for his identity proof. She assessments his identity and hires an auto. She takes him home to drop him. Sameer’s mum asks what occurred. Sameer’s dad scolds him.

Sameer’s mum defends him and argues with him. She asks what did you earn by being a so referred to an as precise reporter. She thanks Chakor for bringing him domestically. Chakor leaves.

Chakor thinks wherein will i am going now, don’t realize in which is Anjor. She sits out of doors the house. Its morning, Anjor talks to her buddies. She asks them to stop losing time speak about Sameer. She says I’ve a great plan for him, Sameer will take us for lunch, he doesn’t have money, love doesn’t come reasonably-priced. Jatin greets Anjor and hugs her. Anjor messages Sameer. Jatin asks boyfriend. She says no.

He says if you get a true lover, it’s no longer bad, you’re quiet. She says sure, however, I haven’t any BF, you know how much I hate to love. He says I recognize. Poonam comes and ties Mauli thread to Anjor. She asks Anjor to come back to temple for haven, it’s for her protection. Anjor asks why I m quality. Poonam issues and asks her not to question her extra. Anjor hugs her and says I can be quality. Poonam says not anything can manifest to you when I m right here. Jatin says don’t snatch her freedom. Anjor says I can come to temple on time. Poonam says don’t get in every person’s remember. Anjor goes. Poonam worries and prays for her.

Precap:- Anjor and Chakor meet after 10 years.


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