Udaan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Bhanu threatening Chakor. He instigates the villagers against Chakor. Chanda receives the kerosene to assist him. Chakor scolds Bhanu. Sameer makes a name and asks the person to stay linked on video call, human beings ought to understand what’s going on within the international. Jatin and Poonam get stunned seeing the news. They see Anjor with Chakor. Poonam asks what is Anjor doing here. Chakor asks villagers to take into account that she isn’t wrong, Bhanu is the wrong man, he’ll spoil even generations. Jatin scolds his group of workers and rushes to take police assist to store Anjor. Chakor praises Suraj and says Aazaadgunj has seen happiness best due to Suraj. Bhanu says i’m able to end your story here. Anjor takes the gun from Lallan and factors at Bhanu. He gets stunned. She asks Bhanu no longer to tell each person against Suraj. She asks him to inform the fact, he killed Suraj. Bhanu says no, villagers killed him. Sameer receives stuck. Bhanu takes the gun from Anjor and points at her. Chakor says leave my children. Sameer says you believe you studied you’ll get saved, i’ve uncovered him in the front of the arena. Bhanu says its not smooth, I m born to rule, the villagers were always my bandhua, they will usually be my bandhua. Villagers scold Bhanu for cheating them.

Bhanu takes the matchstick and ignites hearth. Police comes there on time and rescue Chakor, Anjor and Sameer. Villagers get angry and burn Bhanu alive. Anjor goes to hug Chakor. Sameer smiles. Poonam and Jatin come. Poonam asks are you excellent. Anjor says yes, Chakor saved my lifestyles. Poonam thank you Chakor. Villagers apologize to Chakor. Chakor says don’t say this. Poonam says Anjy, we will depart from right here, come. Anjy says you continue to assume I m selfish, i was shielding you from Bhanu, i love you lots. Sameer says you have got a lot hatred in Chakor, you may’t love everybody. Anjor says you don’t recognise some thing, she went with Raghav to start a brand new life. Sameer asks who is Raghav, if Chakor went with Raghav, she might have now not searched for you, she did loads for you, you aren’t capable of forgive your real mum. He is going. Chakor falls down. Anjy runs to help her and ties her dupatta material to Chakor’s wounded leg. Sameer and Anjor take Chakor with them. Anjy asks can we take her with us within the car, her leg is wounded. Poonam says sure, why not, we can pass collectively.

She thinks to do something to make Anjy hate Chakor. She says journey is lengthy, we need to stay in some visitor residence on the way. Jatin consents. They attain the guesthouse. Anjor thinks of Chakor. She is going to Sameer. He remains dissatisfied. She says i will make an apology to Chakor within the morning. He says you have to apologize. Jatin says I experience Chakor didn’t try to kill you, maybe we did some mistake, if she became incorrect, she might have now not stored Anjor’s life, if her coronary heart is easy, why did she provide you with poison. Poonam says Chakor gave me poison to kill me. Anjor comes and says I don’t suppose she can try this, I forgot my smartphone. She is going. Poonam issues. She thinks its desirable I arranged the unique surprise for Chakor, i can do away with Chakor this night. Chakor sees goons kidnapping a female. Chakor is going to help. The woman runs away. The goons beat her. Poonam comes there. The goons sign her and cross. Poonam goes. Sameer involves assist Chakor. He rushes her to health facility. health practitioner says i can’t say if Chakor will live on. Anjor cries and is going to wish for Chakor. medical doctor comes and says Chakor is first-rate now, she has to get aware. Anjor smiles and thanks the Lord. a person wearing a hood comes there. Its Raghav. He sees Chakor from out of doors the ICU and cries. Nurse asks him to sit there. Raghav gets rid of the hood.

Precap: Raghav cries seeing Chakor and goes to satisfy her. Anjor asks in which is Chakor. Jatin says she is excellent, someone got here and stated Chakor is his family, he took her alongside. Anjor gets greatly surprised.


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