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The Episode begins with the servant informing Chakor regarding Suraj, who resembles a Devta for the. She says Suraj adores you a great deal. Chakor gets some information about her marriage. The house keeper says I realize you well, you are fortunate, Suraj deals with you so much, get fine soon, your pics are decent, where is Anjor. Raghav comes and gets stunned. He sends the house cleaner. Chakor asks who is Anjor. He says nobody, accompany me. She says Kaki was stating I m exceptionally fortunate to get an adoring spouse like Suraj. He says she said this right. Prakash prods Sameer about Anjor. He says you both are made for one another, she took a chance with her life to spare you, go to her and associate your hearts once more. Sameer grins. Chakor awakens and holds her head. She supposes how could I come here. She sees Raghav dozing close to and escapes.

She supposes who is this man, what’s occurring with me. She proceeds to see their pics on the divider. She gets a vase to hit him and asks who are you, come clean. He gets stunned and requests that her stop, he is Suraj, her better half. She says no, you are lying. He says no, I will clarify, see these pics. He says we are hitched. He educates her concerning the mishap. Anjor prepares. She sees an astonishment for her in her room. Sameer goes to her. Anjor grins. Rang jaun… .plays… . Sameer and Anjor admit love to one another and embrace. Poonam comes there and gets stunned seeing them.

Vanshika meets Jatin and whines about Kiku. She says Kiku endeavored to inconvenience me once more. She requests that he give her an occupation in his organization, with the goal that it can support her. He says I will illuminate you when there is any opening. She intentionally falls in his arms and requests a vocation. She gets shabby and stuns him. He says you can leave now, I will call you if there is any activity. She says I like you and need to be with you. He says get out, it implies Kiku is honest and you are to blame. She says no, simply hear me out once. Poonam looks on.

Chakor gets some pic from the cabinet. She sees Anjor. Anjor gets irate seeing the stamp and applies concealer on it. She supposes I won’t let Chakor ruin my life once more. Vanshika sees Poonam. She asks what occurred, I didn’t do anything. Poonam says I comprehend what you were attempting to do, remain in points of confinement, I comprehended your aims when you embraced Jatin, young ladies like you can succumb to cash, I didn’t have any acquaintance with you can fall so low, you said you like Jatin, what do you need, I will give all of you the cash, simply do my work. Vanshika asks what will I do.

Sameer goes to kitchen. He sees Jaya including the toxin in the sustenance. He stops her and asks what’s this. He tosses the toxin bottle. Jaya cries. Manoj asks what’s this. Sameer says mum was including poison in the sustenance. Manoj asks did you go distraught. Jaya says Vanshika has destroyed us. Manoj asks what did she do, let us know. Jaya yells Vanshika is pregnant. They get stunned.

Vanshika apologizes and supposes I need to isolate Sameer and Anjor to get myself rich. Chakor sees Raghav. He gets her fav nourishment. She gets some information about Anjor. He gets stressed. She inquires as to for what reason did you lie, that we have no kid, who are you. She takes a blade and inquires as to for what reason did you do this, you are tricking me, presently I can’t confide in you, did you do anything amiss with her, let me know. Raghav says I didn’t lie, what’s going on with you, give me the blade. She gets injured. He requests that her hear him out. He tosses the blade. He says truly, I misled you, the reason is, I needed you to get fine, I didn’t wish you to get another stun, the fact of the matter is our little girl had passed on, she isn’t in this world. She gets stunned.

Precap Upcoming Udaan Episode Update: Poonam comes to meet Chakor. Raghav says she is your specialist, she is treating you.


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