Udaan 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chakor and Anjor praying on the temple. Chakor prays that she blesses her daughter. She sees Anjor taking the blessing of pandits. She is going to bless her. Anjor receives greatly surprised seeing her and remembers her. She runs out of the temple. Poonam is going to find Anjor. Chakor seems on. Poonam and Jatin also leave. Chakor is going to wish. Anjor cries and shouts why you got here in my life. She reaches a few lake cliff. She shouts pass far from my life. She thinks of Chakor and Raghav. She jumps into the lake.

Sameer receives Chakor domestic. His parents assist her. Sameer thanks his dad. Sameer’s mum asks is that this residence any ashram. Sameer says she helped me a lot. She asks him no longer to emerge as like his dad. Chakor says sorry, i’m able to depart. Sameer’s dad stops her and says you may live here. Sameer says its depend of some days, please. His mum Jaya has the same opinion. Sameer asks Chakor not to experience bad of his mum’s words. He says you could stay right here till you get your daughter, i will help you. Chakor says i will thank you properly if i am getting an activity, I’m able to thanks. He asks her no longer to worry. He asks can i call you Maasi. She nods. Poonam calls Anjor. Anjor doesn’t the solution. Poonam concerns and thinks did Anjor go away with Chakor. Anjor says sorry, I will answer your name. She beverages more. Poonam says she isn’t answering. Jatin says don’t assume something, she would be along with her friends, have some food.

Anjor calls her buddies. Sameer facilitates Chakor. His sister Vanshika teases him. Anjor calls Sameer. Chakor answers the call and hears her. Anjor says you already know what occurred with me, i would inform you in case you had been with me. Chakor thinks maybe this girl is in a lot pain. Sameer comes. Chakor asks him to speak to the needy female. Sameer takes the telephone and hears Anjor crying. He asks wherein are you, what befell. Anjor says I m not first-class, what shall I do, I got broken. He asks in which are you. She tells him the lake deal with. He says how shall I’m going. Chakor says go to her, i can cope with your parents. He thanks you her and goes. She prays for Anjor. Sameer reaches Anjor and asks what came about. She says go away all this, take a seat here.

She asks about his family, does his mum love him. He says sure, of course. She says a few mums don’t love youngsters, I hate my mum, no person can forestall me. He says I’m able to forestall you from doing incorrectly. He asks her to return domestic. He lifts and takes her on his motorbike. Chakor waits for Sameer. Sameer receives Anjor.

Precap: Poonam says my daughter is kidnapped. Inspector says Chakor can be caught. Anjor burns Chakor’s sketch. Poonam gets taken aback. Anjor says I hate you.


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