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The Episode begins with Raghav lying that Anjor kicked the bucket in a fender bender which was driven by Chakor. Chakor gets stunned and cries. She says our lives got destroyed. Sameer says I won’t leave Kiku. Jaya stops him and says Kiku is prepared to wed Vanshika. Vanshika says yes. Jaya says yet it is difficult, there is a condition, Shroff family needs Sameer to quit meeting Anjy and break all contacts, until Sameer weds another person, they won’t get Vanshika and Kiku wedded. Vanshika says indeed, I need to wed Kiku, if you don’t mind leave Anjy. Jaya says its regarding our family regard, will you leave Anjy, let me know. He considers Anjor. He gets her call.

He cries and detaches the call. He says fine, I m prepared to end all terms with Anjy. Vanshika grins. Vanshika comes to meet Poonam. Poonam approaches her and inquires as to why did you come here. Vanshika gives her the uplifting news. Poonam says your arrangement is great, presently get out. Vanshika says I didn’t simply come to give uplifting news, you guaranteed me. Poonam says Sameer ought to wed another person, at that point you will get cash. Vanshika requests one crore. They contend. Jatin gets out Poonam. Vanshika takes cover behind the blinds. Jatin educates her regarding Vanshika. Poonam embraces him and asks him not to stress. She discovers Anjor irate and grins. She gets acting and asks her what’s the issue.

Anjor requests that her stop it, she wouldn’t like to get hitched. Poonam requests that her reconsider, won’t she wed Sameer. Anjor grins and embraces her. Poonam says we have no issue with him, control your energy, call Sameer and disclose to him that we need to meet his folks. Anjor asks truly, cherish you, I m heading off to his home. She surges. Poonam chuckles.

Minty and Kiku meet Sameer’s family. Sameer says I m prepared to wed, yet what’s the certification that Kiku will wed Vanshika and keep her glad. Minty says Vanshika’s issue is mind boggling, Kiku is a person, it doesn’t make a difference to him. She requests that they accomplish something soon. Jaya says we have discovered a young lady for Sameer, his commitment is likewise fixed, don’t stress. Sameer gets pitiful.

Raghav includes drugs in the juice drink and says its demon that you drink the juice, my deficient work will get total. Chakor goes t check the entryway. Poonam comes there and sees her. Chakor says I don’t recall, who are you. Poonam says I m your specialist, I came to see your recuperation. Raghav comes and looks on. Sameer advises everything to Prakash. Anjor comes and asks what’s up, you proposed me and now you vanished. He says I would prefer not to keep any relations with you, I would prefer not to see your face, if you don’t mind go. She asks did anything occur. He says I would prefer not to give any clarification, if it’s not too much trouble leave. She asks what occurred. He leaves with Prakash. She cries. Sameer says I can’t wed any other individual, I adore Anjy a great deal, she likewise cherishes me, I need to abandon her for the wellbeing of Vanshika.

Raghav says you… .. all of a sudden… . Poonam grins. He says Chakor she is your specialist. Chakor asks when will I get fine. Poonam says don’t stress for anything, I got prescriptions and infusions for you, take this on schedule. She hacks. Raghav approaches Chakor to get water for her. He asks how could you come here. Poonam says I confide in you, I came to check on the off chance that you are giving medications on schedule, Chakor’s recuperation will happen soon if prescriptions are halted, in the event that you need to be with her everything life, simply continue doing this.

Precap Upcoming Udaan Episode Update: Anjor chastens Sameer and asks how might you get connected with to another person. Anjor gets furious. She crashes into Chakor. She says everybody is a con artist.


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