Udaan 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Chakor scaring Bua as a ghost. Bua asks how can you be alive if you are a ghost. She screams. Jaya, Manoj and Vanshika hide. They try to get the diamonds from Bua’s safe. Bua shouts Ranvijay. Chakor runs away. Ranvijay and everyone come. Ranvijay asks what happened. Bua says I have seen Chakor’s spirit. Jaya says Bua is behaving strange. Chakor asks who is this Chakor, how did she die. Ranvijay thinks Chaya shouldn’t know I m a murderer. He says Chakor was our family member, Bua has gone mad in sorrow. Manoj and Jaya say we should call some Baba for treating Bua. Everyone goes.

Chakor comes to Ranvijay. He says I was going for your work. She says I know, so I came to give you advance, I got the diamonds for you, I didn’t had cash. He says it wasn’t needed. She says business should be done well. She goes. Ranvijay says she is Chaya, how will Chakor get so many diamonds, keep the diamonds in safe, I will do work and come. Bua says I think strange things. She goes to keep the diamonds. She sees the diamonds missing from her safe. She says this is my diamonds, this clever woman has stolen this from me and given it to Ranvijay, I will tell this to him. She stops Ranvijay and says Chaya is Chakor, those diamonds are mine. He says stop it, don’t make me mad, Chakor is dead, you have gone mad, Chaya is right, I will get you treated. He goes.

Bua says let that Baba come, I will beat him. Jaya smiles and says its time to call Baba. Manoj comes in Baba’s getup. Jaya and Vanshika catch Bua. He says there is a ghost in this house. Lights flicker. Chakor says if I come out, then Bua will be gone. She comes there. She scares Bua and says person can come back in any avatar to take revenge. Bua screams. Jaya says there is no one here. Bua runs to her room. They all laugh.

Ranvijay says I called you all for something imp, I realized I have tortured you all a lot, I did a big mistake and want to repent, I m sorry, forgive me, I promise I will not play Dangal in the village, I have written well, you all are free now, you don’t need to do any slavery, you have to sign the papers and accept the freedom. The people get ready to believe him and accept their freedom. Ranvijay asks them to inform everyone to get their freedom. Anjor plays. Vanshika says our plan was successful, Bua was so scared. Chakor says I wish Sameer was alive, I will take revenge for his death, I will get Ranvijay punished. Bua looks on and thinks this woman is Chakor, see what I do after catching her red-handed. She goes to the kitchen and damages the electric wires. She says Chakor played many games, I will get Anjor here, she will get a big shock, I will make a video when she comes. She keeps a phone there. She goes to take help from Anjor.

She asks her to boil water in microwave and get it for her. Anjor goes. Bua looks on. Anjor gets electrocuted and shouts. Chakor comes running and saves her. She says mum has come, now nothing will happen to you. She consoles Anjor. Bua smiles. Chakor asks Anjor to never come to kitchen again. Bua checks the video and smiles. She says now I will prove Chakor’s truth to Ranvijay. Ranvijay comes home happily. Bua says you won’t believe me, Chakor is alive, everyone is with her, Chaya is Chakor. He asks her to stop nonsense. She says I got the proof, I caught Chakor and Anjor’s bonding in the camera. He says show it. She checks her phone and doesn’t see anything.

Precap: Ranvijay threatens Bua and asks her to sign first. Anjor asks him to leave Bua. She falls down and gets hurt. She gets her memory back and asks how dare you kill my Sameer. Everyone gets shocked.


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