Udaan 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Bua apologizing to Chakor. She says Ranvijay is a devil, I want to ruin his pride by supporting you in this fight. They all join hands. Chakor meets the people and shows the papers. She says Ranvijay took your signs. The people praise Ranvijay. She says Ranvijay is your enemy. She removes the veil and says I m your Chakor, Ranvijay has taken the signs and sold you as labor to a woman named Chaya, I m Chaya. The man says you also cheated us, you made us bandhua. She says no, listen to me. She tell them.

Chakor tells Ranvijay that she wants to make him her business partner officially. She gives him the agreement papers of their partnership. She says get ready to come abroad with me. He checks the papers. She thinks if he reads the papers, he will know its his property papers. Buacomes and says don’t do this, let me be with you. He takes the file and signs on it. He says Chaya is my partner now. Chaya says you will be ruined now. The people protest against Ranvijay. Ranvijay comes and asks them to shut up. The people ask how can you cheat us and sell us to Chaya. Ranvijay asks how did they know this. He threatens to kill them. The guy calls out Chakor. Chaya pushes Ranvijay. The people say Chakor you were right, this man cheated us. Chakor shows her face. Ranvijay gets shocked. He says its impossible, this can’t happen, I killed you. Chakor says how can I die without ruining a devil like you.

Anjor and everyone come. Ranvijay says you cheated me. Manoj says you killed Prakash and Sameer, how will you cage us, you lost your house as well. Ranvijay asks what nonsense. Chakor says yes, you signed the papers, it was your haveli and properties papers, you got greedy and didn’t read it once. Jaya says we have shut your blood shed game also, police raided the place. Anjor says you have hurt my mum a lot, just she has the right to kill you. She gives the gun to Chakor and says kill this devil. Ranvijay points gun at Chakor. Anjor says you are foolish, you didn’t check if it has bullets. Bua and Anjor show the bullets. Ranvijay throws the gun. The people say he has tortured us a lot, kill him.

Chakor says you have compelled me, I didn’t think I will have to kill someone, I will kill you, you have to die. Ranvijay begs Chakor and says forgive me. He takes the gun from her hand and says everyone get back. Ranvijay asks Chakor to come with him and pour kerosene around the people to burn them. Chakor drops the kerosene. He says now you will know the meaning to get enmity with me. Chakor pours kerosene over Ranvijay’s shoes. Ranvijay asks Anjor to get the firetorch. She refuses. He asks her to go. Chakor signs Anjor to light up Ranvijay. Anjor gets the fire torch. Anjor shouts to Chakor by signing Manoj. Chakor gets away and pushes Ranvijay. Ranvijay shouts for help and falls down. Chakor hugs Anjor.

Chakor blesses Anjor. She apologizes. Anjor says its not your mistake, I wish I believed you before, I wish I never regarded you my enemy, I m sorry. Chakor kisses her. She gives the house papers to Manoj. He says Anjor and you all have right on this haveli, I will take Anjor with me if she doesn’t want to stay here. Anjor says no, I want to stay here and help the people of Sitapur, will you bless me, can I help them like you. Chakor says I trust you a lot, now I have to go home to my Aazaadgunj. She recalls her childhood and family. She cries and says you have always helped me, thanks a lot. Jaya says we should be thankful to you, you saved the entire village from Ranvijay. Chakor says I shall leave. Vanshika says no, we won’t let ou go. Jaya says yes stay with us. Chakor says I fulfilled all my duties, I have to go, I will keep coming and meet everyone, I have to take care of my grandson,my Aazaadgunj is calling me back. She hugs everyone. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai….plays…. Chakor smiles.

The show ends on a happy note.


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