Udaan 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Raghav dealing with Chakor. She says thanks to him. He says its my obligation, prepare, we will proceed to meet a few relatives, it might enable you to recuperate. She will not go. He asks her not to contend, they need to leave. Anjor is irate and goes to Sameer’s home. She finds the entryway bolted. She calls Prakash and asks where is Sameer. She takes steps to hurt herself. He says Sameer is in Sitapur. She asks what is he doing there, much appreciated. Sameer is getting ready for marriage. Anjor comes there and gets stunned. Sameer too is stunned. She yells Sameer.

She approaches him and yells on him to inquire as to for what reason is he duping her. He says enough, I have chosen it, I can’t decline to this family, I couldn’t overlook the manner in which you offended my family, you figure I will love you, overlook me. He goes. She cries. Sameer looks on. Anjor slams into Chakor. She sees her sindoor and mangalsutra. She says you generally do this, you are a fake. She goes. Raghav comes. Chakor says that young lady was stating abnormal things. Raghav says who, simply come. They enter the scene. Sameer looks on stunned. Raghav praises the young lady. The young lady acquaints Manoj and Jaya with them. Jaya says the end result for Chakor, for what reason is she going about as though she doesn’t have any acquaintance with us, possibly I wasn’t right, she is narrow minded. Manoj concurs. Sameer gets ready for marriage.

Anjor gets back home crying and embraces Poonam. Poonam shrouds something. She asks what occurred. Anjor says Sameer bamboozled me, he doesn’t love me. She tells everything. She says I m sorry, Sameer did great, he committed me comprehend my error. Poonam grins.

Sameer gets alcoholic. Chakor sees him. She salutes him. He asks are you done, simply leave, I m terrified of liar. Vanshika sends the commitment video to Poonam. Poonam gets stunned seeing Raghav and Chakor. She calls Raghav and inquires as to for what reason did you take Chakor in the commitment. Sameer chides Chakor and asks what’s your fact, Mrs. Raghav or Mrs. Another person. Chakor gets stunned.

Raghav asks Poonam not to stress, he will oversee. Sameer says we cherished all of you, you duped us, you have another motivation to Anjor to loathe you. Chakor holds her head. Raghav comes and asks you here… He asks Sameer to go to his lady of the hour. She converses with Raghav and alludes to him as Suraj. Sameer gets stunned.

Chakor asks who is this person. Raghav says don’t joke presently, go. Sameer takes a gander at them and goes. She says don’t have the foggiest idea what he was stating. Raghav asks her not to inquiry much, does she think he misleads her. She cries. He requests that her quit crying. She gets injured when he holds her hand and takes her. Sameer thinks for what reason is everybody calling him Suraj, when he is Raghav.

Precap: Sameer goes to Anjor. She yells. Sameer says Poonam thinks about the marriage show well.


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