Udaan 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Anjor getting alcoholic and coming to meet Sameer. He asks what’s this. She says remain away, don’t attempt to contact me, I have come to meet you, you duped me. Sameer feels dismal and thinks about Jaya’s words. He says stop it, I will drop you home. She says remain away, you are locked in now, you are only a cheat, don’t act great, every one of the men are same, you grabbed my satisfaction, Raghav grabbed my mum. He takes her in the vehicle. He drops her home. He puts her to rest. He reviews Chakor’s words and thinks for what reason was Chakor calling Raghav as Suraj. Sameer leaves. He subtly comes to meet Chakor. He sees Suraj and Chakor’s pics. He shrouds seeing Raghav. Chakor awakens and asks who are you. Raghav says I m your better half Suraj. She says you are lying. He requests that her see the pics. He clarifies her about the head damage and memory misfortune. He says we are hitched since 15 years, you will get fine, take your meds. Sameer gets stunned. She takes prescriptions. Raghav goes to check pantry. Sameer covers up.

Vanshika tumbles down. Manoj and Jaya stress for her and call a specialist. Vanshika stresses and says I m fine. Manoj says we need to call the specialist. Sameer subtly comes to meet Anjor. He goes upstairs. Anjor awakens and asks who are you. She sees Sameer and chides him. He says I have to converse with you, something pixie. She says leave my hand, you offended me and my adoration, how could you come here. He stops her. Ankhiyan… plays… … She pushes him. Poonam comes and reproves him. Sameer says don’t disclose to me who made’s Anjorextremely upset, you know this marriage show going on. Poonam stresses that he may advise truth to Anjor. He says stop the garbage, leave. Chakor hears Raghav informing somebody regarding his arrangement. She supposes who is he, did he disclose to me truth or not, what’s going on with me.

She takes a vase to hit him. He sees her and swings to stop her. She asks who are you, what’s your arrangement. He says I m your significant other, stop such things, proceed to take rest. Vanshika stresses. Jaya tells specialist that Vanshika is pregnant. Specialist checks Vanshika and says I don’t think you are pregnant. Manoj says its better that Vanshika loses her youngster, poor Sameer, what’s his misstep, he is relinquishing his bliss. Jaya asks specialist how is Vanshika. Specialist says nothing to stress, mum and infant are fine. Vanshika signs specialist.

Raghav loads a weapon and keeps it. Chakor meets the townspeople. They wish her on her birthday and favor. Raghav supposes I didn’t wish her, how could I overlook, what will I say. They state you spared us from Bhanu, you and your little girl Anjor remain upbeat. Raghav requests that they leave, Chakor needs rest. Chakor blacks out. Raghav lifts her and takes her to room. Chakor gets fine. She inquires as to for what reason are locals giving me respect, they told about my little girl, what are you escaping me.

Precap Upcoming Udaan Episode Update: Sameer says Chakor needs us, Raghav is anything but a correct person, he said he is Suraj. Anjor meets Chakor. Chakor asks who are you. Anjor says Dr. Anjy… …


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