Udaan 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Anjor asking Poonam and Jatin about Chakor. She needs them to kick out Chakor. She asks them now not to do whatever in opposition to her desire. Jatin says face the scenario, from whom are you walking, Chakor is your mum, relations won’t damage this manner, I need you to give any other risk to Chakor. Anjor asks can you supply a risk to Sameer, whom you hate, you received’t give him some other threat, how are you going to count on this from me. He says i have an awful lot work, i will’t do anything now.

She says first-class, I accept your decision, however you need to do what I say, else i’m able to leave this house, you need to give activity to Sameer, i will control Chakor in case you conform to me circumstance. Jatin consents to her. Poonam acts precise to Chakor. Chakor says I shall leave now, I understand Anjor. Poonam thinks Jatin will hearth you from the activity. Anjor comes and says you can work here, I don’t have any problem with you. Chakor cries luckily. Poonam asks Anjor about stopping Chakor. Anjor says mom please, there may be a reason. Minty says i will inform the purpose, Jatin and Anjy had a mystery deal, Anjy demanded Sameer’s job, now Chakor and Sameer will work for Jatin. Poonam asks what’s all this Anjy. Anjor hugs her and says i have the electricity to forgive, relax, I didn’t forgive Chakor, i will never do that. Poonam thinks what to do now.

Chakor tells Jaya about Jatin giving her a task. Jaya says they’re right human beings, they may be seeking to get you toward your daughter. Chakor says yes, they gave her parents’ love, and i were given a task there now. Sameer asks in which did you get the task. She says at Jatin’s house. Sameer says I don’t accept as true with them and Anjy, please be careful. She says they aren’t bad human beings, every now and then we have to provide a danger to others. She thinks I received’t inform you about Anjor until our false impression doesn’t get cleared, i can’t trouble you greater.

Minty asks Poonam wherein is her awareness. Poonam sprays on the plant. Minty asks what’s the plan to make Chakor out of here. Poonam smiles. Minty says you went mad and is going. Poonam says this plant will get me rid of Chakor forever. Its morning, Sameer’s dad scolds him. Sameer receives a process offer letter from Shroff business enterprise. He says its from Anjy’s dad. Jaya says its a good factor, your dad might be so proud. He asks how can becoming a member of letter come once I didn’t apply. She asks him not to get overdue. She is going to make food.

Chakor is at the temple. She prays. She remembers her journey. Udaan hai….plays…. She prays that she succeeds to get her daughter returned and quit her hatred. Poonam asks servant to make Anjy’s fav meals. Chakor asks can i make breakfast for Anjor, I mean I need to make breakfast for everyone. Poonam says sure, its first-rate, do what you need, its your private home, as you desire, can you make spinach and beetroot juice for me. Chakor is of the same opinion. Poonam says this story will end very soon. Anjor is drowsing. She wakes up and shouts mother, dad….. She comes out with the cover over her face. She reaches the steps and is ready to fall. Poonam and Chakor run to her. Chakor holds her. Anjor hugs her and then sees her face. Chakor smiles. Anjor receives stunned. She scolds Chakor.

Chakor says sorry, I couldn’t see you falling, so I came in among. Poonam says Anjor has a addiction to see me and Jatin within the morning. She thinks Chakor will go from here forever.

Precap Upcoming Udaan episode update: Sameer asks why do you need to present me this task, that I m bad and jobless. Jatin says close up, pass and do your process. Sameer says Anjy insulted me and my own family, i can never forget about it. He tears the offer letter and is going.


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