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The Episode begins with Sameer coming to Jatin and asking him for what valid reason is he giving him the activity, as though he is feeling sorry for him for being poor. Jatin says shut up, proceed to carry out your responsibility now. Sameer says Anjor has offended me and my family, sorry I can’t overlook it, I can’t work with you. He tears the activity letter and goes. Jatin looks on. Chakor makes the morning meal. Anjor likes it. Poonam says Chakor has arranged all the morning meal today. Anjor leaves the nourishment. She goes. Poonam expresses gratitude toward Chakor. She includes something in the juice and beverages it. She hacks. Minty asks what did you include. Chakor and Anjor come. Anjor asks are you fine. Anjor reproves Chakor and asks what did you include it.

Chakor says I didn’t include anything. Anjor says I will drink and see. Poonam says no, its fine, Chakor had made squeeze well. Anjor asks her to fare thee well and goes. Poonam says this juice has poison in it, it will have moderate toxic substance impact, I will fault Chakor, I need to become ill so that Chakor gets rebuffed, this time I will dispose of Chakor. Kiku embraces Vanshika. Sameer stops him and chides him. She says Kiku was attacking his cousin. Vanshika says I confide in you, he advised this to me as of now, you are stigmatizing him. Chakor hears Anjor and Jatin, and thinks its great that Anjor is atoning. Jatin says Sameer isn’t prepared to carry out the responsibility. Anjor leaves. Chakor thinks for what reason is Sameer not willing to work.

Manoj gets back home. Jaya says I will get tea for you. Manoj says everything got over Jaya, I lost my activity since I composed reality against somebody in my article. Jaya says don’t stress, Sameer found a new line of work. Sameer gets back home and hears them. She asks Sameer to reveal to them that he has the activity. Chakor asks Sameer to see his home’s state and choose. Sameer says I don’t confide in them, that is the reason I won’t. Chakor says they are not awful, we work there, we have seen them, you should attempt once more. Sameer says I don’t think Jatin will employ me. She inquires as to why not, demand him. He says I will proceed to state sorry, I will recover that activity. She says you are a decent individual and great child, you will make your father pleased one day, accompany me. She demonstrates the tree and says its old and dry, however its underlying foundations are solid, you need to remain solid. He asks Chakor not to tell his father about Jatin. She concurs. He says thanks to her and goes. She supposes possibly Anjor and Sameer’s separation gets less.

Its morning, legal counselor comes to meet Poonam. He requests cash and tells how he caught Chakor and kept her in prison. Poonam requests that he get out, Chakor is currently free. He compromises her. Chakor comes there to see. Anjor won’t eat. Anjor sees Poonam and the attorney. She requests that they get in and talk. She goes. Poonam closes the entryway. Legal counselor says you should pay for this.

Anjor comes to office. She goes to Jatin. Sameer comes there. Anjor says please make an effort to remain great to him. She covers up. Sameer welcomes Jatin. Jatin asks how could you come. Sameer says sorry, I came here for the activity. Jatin asks which work. Sameer says I m prepared to carry out any responsibility, it would be ideal if you keep me. Anjor says state yes. Jatin says you lost your employment, your fantasy got broken, you can join yet compensation will be half, since you have offended me, lets perceive how you become a columnist, join today. Sameer expresses gratitude toward him and goes. Chakor gets juice for Poonam. Anjor goes. Poonam includes the fluid and beverages it once more. Days pass. Chakor proceeds with her work. Anjor says mother looks feeble. Poonam says I have turned out to be solid, Chakor is giving me veg squeeze each day, I m fine. Chakor says I will leave. Poonam blacks out. They get stunned seeing Poonam harmed.

Precap Upcoming Udaan Episode Update: Chakor says I need to remain here, Poonam is unwell. Anjor says we have kept you here, we question that you offered toxic substance to my mum.


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