Udaan 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Anjor Hatches A Plan To Win The Race

Udaan 5th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Chakor going to washroom. Anjor goes to fasten her. Sameer interrupts and receives scolded. Prakash asks Sameer now not to take anxiety, we will go to the floor and notice what’s going on. Anjor seems around and locks the door. She thinks Chakor can’t participate now. Anjor comes for the race. Reema asks her to come back fast. Anjor runs inside the race. Sameer cheers for her. Chakor gets stimulated to run inside the race. She doesn’t want to lose earlier than attempting. She reveals the door locked. She shouts for help. Anjor runs at the race song and wins the race. Chakor hears the assertion that students’ race is ending, and teachers’ race will begin.

Chakor thinks I have to get out of right here. Sameer congratulates Anjor. She apologizes to vent out her anger. He says its best, have fun, you are the winner now. teachers come for the race. Chakor shouts for assist. Anjor smiles and thinks Chakor can never win. Jatin receives a loss of life certificate shape. He gets greatly surprised seeing Anjor. He shouts, who has completed this. Poonam says I were given this made. He asks are you mad. She says I made this for Anjor, Chakor’s daughter, now she is our daughter Anjy, I spoke to Minty and wanted to make Chakor faraway from Anjor.

Poonam says Chakor might be convinced that Anjor is dead, and then we gained’t have any chance, do something, else i can do some thing and ship Chakor to jail, i can do many sins for Anjor. He issues. Sameer says don’t know where is Maasi. He calls Chakor. Chakor shouts for assist. Sameer says she isn’t answering, i can pass and see. Chakor hears the call for her. Anjor jokes that Chakor is hiding somewhere. Chakor comes strolling at the tune. She sees Anjor. She remembers how she made her way out of the washroom window. Chakor runs within the race with the lecturers. Anjor looks on. Udaan hai….performs…. Chakor wins the race. anybody claps. Anjor turns angry.

Jatin is on the manner. She thinks sorry Chakor, I know Anjor hates you, you have to forget about Anjor, its proper for both folks. He offers the parcel to driver and says inform them that its for Chakor. predominant says Chakor and Anjor have won the races, and now they each will compete. Jaya checks the parcel and receives the cash. She reads the letter and tests demise certificate. She thinks it will likely be foolishness to present this letter to Chakor, if I supply this letter, she will be able to go away and i can miss the extra income, i can preserve this money. Anjor sees Chakor’s shoes and thinks i’m able to win over you at any price. She goes and provides something in Chakor’s shoe. foremost asks Chakor and Anjor to come back on their marks. Chakor alternatives her shoes and cleans them. She wears the footwear. Sameer needs best of luck to Chakor. Chakor thanks him. Chakor wears the shoes and is going. Chakor and Anjor pass for the race and shake hands. stay tuned to this area for all updates on Udaan

Precap: Chakor and Anjor run inside the race. Chakor falls down and gets rid of her shoe. She sees her bleeding toes. Anjor smiles. Chakor receives shocked.


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