Udaan 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor Wins The Race

Udaan 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Chakor and Anjor jogging within the race. each person cheers for them. Sameer says I m tensed. Prakash asks whom will you support, Mausi or your lover. Chakor leads the race. She receives gradually. She falls down and receives hurt. She removes the shoe and checks. She gets shocked seeing the bleeding foot. Anjor turns returned and smiles. Chakor gets bowled over. Anjor runs ahead. Udaan hai….plays…. Chakor gets rid of the glass piece from her foot. She recalls Arjun’s words. She recollects her youth moments. Sameer gets shocked. Chakor gets up and runs faster than earlier than. She surpasses Anjor. Anjor gets bowled over.

She sees Chakor’s bleeding foot and thinks she might be in lots of ache. Chakor wins the race. Anjor stumbles and falls. Chakor holds her and asks her did you get harm, be careful. Anjor receives away. Sameer says I’m able to cross. Prakash says don’t cross, Anjor lost for the primary time, she will be able to vent anger on you, don’t go to her these days, Maasi is powerful, she can handle herself. Chakor gets applauded for her win. Anjor says go away me on my own, I don’t need to speak to anybody. She thinks I m hurt seeing you hurt, why did I understand this ache.

Jaya’s daughter seeing the cash and asks what’s all this. Jaya says the letter got here for Chakor. The woman says Chakor’s daughter is lifeless, she would be dissatisfied to recognise this. Jaya says no, we won’t inform her something, she is alive for one wish. She fools her daughter by performing accurately. She says we are able to use this money to take care of Chakor, now we are her family, she has nobody, go and take a look at. Anjor says I should have gained this race, however, I didn’t. important broadcasts Chakor’s name because of the winner. She says Chakor has received the race and our coronary heart, she was given harm or even then she has kept jogging, its a second of delight for us, Chakor has been national marathon runner champion. Sameer says wow, Maasi is marathon champion. essential salutes Chakor.

The person says my dad has told me about Chakor Rajvanshi, she is a well-known persona. Anjor receives indignant. Chakor and Anjor get their medals. Chakor facilitates Anjor and ties her shoelace. She confronts Anjor for including glass pieces in her shoe. Anjor accepts it and says you can by no means show this. Sameer does Chakor’s aid. He asks why did you now not cease. Chakor says a participant shouldn’t forget recognition and purpose. Jaya goes to get haldi milk for her. Chakor says I experience Anjy is concerned, why does she try this. Sameer thinks if Maasi knows that I was given Anjy home and i like her, what she can assume. Chakor asks about his buddy. He asks her to take relaxation, he’ll make her meet Anjy later. He asks what’s this stamp. She says its a sign of my beyond, on the way to be with me all the time. She recollects Anjor and thinks this stamp is also there on my daughter’s hand, I ought to make a plan to locate her, don’t realize where is Anjor.

Jaya says this feast is for Chakor’s win. Chakor says you probably did lots and spent a lot of money. Jaya says I did this with my money. She gifts Chakor. Chakor likes sports activities gear. Jaya says you have got turn out to be sports activities teach, so a bit present for you. Sameer’s dad says I assume Jaya got a few lotteries. Jaya stops her daughter from announcing something. She says it’s from my savings, we need to assist humans. Anjor comes home and says why is it so dark. Poona and anybody marvel her with a fulfilment party. Anjor vents anger on them since she was misplaced. Bua scolds her for venting anger on her mother and father. Anjor says I without a doubt misplaced, you know who defeated me, that Cha…..Poonam says you did her Shraddh, how did you take Chakor’s name. Jatin thank you, visitors, and asks them to leave. Poonam asks did you meet Chakor, it manner she is round you, she got here to satisfy you. Anjor says no, I didn’t say Chakor, I said Ms Chakravorty. Poonam makes her swear and says sorry, I overreacted, I’m able to speak to the principal. Anjor says no, you gained’t come there, in case you come, then I received’t speak to you. Poonam receives confused.

Precap Upcoming Udaan episode update: Sameer and Anjor spend time and live satisfied. They dance on the roads. She hugs him. Poonam appears on and asks who become that man. Anjor says his name is Sameer. Poonam comes to Sameer’s residence. Chakor goes to open the door.


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