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The Episode begins with Anjor hauling Chakor out of the house. Sameer comes there and holds Chakor. He looks on stunned. Chakor cries. They get back home. Sameer approaches how might they censure you for homicide, rich individuals have dark hearts, I realized they will accomplish some kind of problem with you, I m beyond any doubt that Anjor is catching you. Chakor thinks about Anjor’s words. Jaya figures by what means will we oversee house if Chakor loses the employment. She says Chakor is defenseless, Anjy is doing this, in what capacity can a little girl do this with a mum, its better to remain childless. Sameer and Manoj get stunned. Sameer asks whose little girl. Chakor stresses.

Anjor ruins her room in displeasure. She cries and apologizes to Jatin and Poonam. They reassure Anjor. Anjor says Chakor has done enchantment on Sameer and his family, I will proceed to reveal to them her fact. She leaves. Sameer asks Chakor what’s going on. Jaya says Anjor is Chakor’s little girl, she made youextremely upset first and now she needs to destroy Chakor’s life by accusing her. Sameer asks in what capacity can Anjor do this. Chakor says she didn’t do anything, you came here to discover Anjy, does Anjy realize that you are her mum. Jaya says truly, when she saw Chakor first, she knew it.

Sameer says he fouled up, I will converse with Anjy. Chakor asks Sameer to stop. Anjor says Chakor shouldn’t be a major part of anybody’s life. Chakor hurries to stop Sameer and discloses to him that Anjor loathes her, that is the reason she is doing this. Anjor comes to meet Sameer and admonishes Jaya. Jaya reprimands her for not confiding in her genuine mother. She says Chakor has completed a great deal to discover you, she confronted numerous challenges. Anjor says you will confront troubles in the event that you didn’t quit favoring her, will you bolster her realizing she was in prison for a long time for a homicide. Chakor says Anjor supposes I m a killer. She advises her past to Sameer.

Sameer says I will converse with Anjor. Chakor says no, stop for the good of I, she detests me, she has everything, she doesn’t require even a mother. Jatin apologizes to Poonam. He inquires as to for what reason are you strained now, Chakor is gone. She says Anjor is still after Sameer. Jatin says she is my girl, she won’t do anything incorrectly. He says we can’t disappoint her break, don’t fire Sameer from employment, we need to make him far from her life. He asks her not to stress. She says I confide in you. He goes.

Sameer asks Chakor to fare thee well. She says you took fare thee well. He leaves. Jaya apologizes to Chakor. She says we needed to support you and gave you a spot in our home, without speculation your past, presently we know your reality, we would prefer not to be identified with you, you misled us. Chakor says I didn’t get time to share my past, I have spent discipline in prison for a long time, I didn’t perpetrate any wrongdoing, there is no reason for clarifying this, you have done numerous favors on me, much obliged.

Sameer comes to Jatin and gives his acquiescence letter. Jatin says stop, you have consented to the arrangement, you need to give one month see before leaving the activity, you can give ten lakhs and appreciate, its better you work, I don’t care for your face, I m sending you away, buckle down for a month, its a mystery work, nobody should think about it, you will end up being a star on the off chance that you do this function admirably, I trust you work genuinely. Sameer leaves. Jatin says great kid Sameer, those individuals abhor media, you won’t return alive, all the best. Sameer comes to Aazaadgunj. He looks on.

Precap Upcoming Udaan Episode Update: Chakor asks would we be able to discover Sameer’s area. Prakash says he is in Aazaadgunj. She gets stunned and chides Jatin. Anjor stresses for Sameer.


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