Urvashi Rautela trolled over tweet copy-paste

Urvashi Rautela remains active on social media. However, she is often trolled for her tweets. She has come under attack from social media users for copy paste several times. Something similar has happened once again. This time Urvashi has praised the film ‘Parasite’, which won the Best Film Academy Award. However, a foreign user claims that his tweet has been copied identically.

Praising the film ‘Parasite’, Urvashi wrote, ‘I like one thing about Parasite film that this film does not show a family as scammers who pretend to be the best, but they are skilled in themselves. . There is no lack of skill in them, but a lack of that which rich people like. ‘

one thing I really love about @ParasiteMovie is that rather than depicting the fam as scammers pretending to be good at their jobs, they actually do their jobs flawlessly! what they lack is not skill, but institutional stamps of approval & the bows and ribbons that rich people love

Social media users are now trolling them on this tweet of Urvashi. He is sharing screen shots in which a tweet by a social media user named JP is appearing. People are calling Urvashi’s tweet as copy paste. JP’s reaction to Urvasi’s tweet has also surfaced. He has written that Urvashi should have at least got the grammar correct. My grammar is bad.

Significantly, the Oscar-winning film ‘Parasite’ has recently been streamed on online streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. ‘Parasite’ is the first foreign film to win the Best Film Award in the main Oscar category. Prior to this, foreign films have been receiving awards in the foreign category itself. Apart from this, this Korean film has received many awards including Best Director. The film portrays the gap between wealth and poverty.


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