Veena Malik Commented On Kashmir: Pakistani Actress Veena Malik's 'Brutally Trolled' Once Again

Pakistani film actress Veena Malik has once again expressed her intentions about Kashmir on social media. After that she has been trolled on social media. Veena Malik is a Pakistani artist and often seen making anti-India statements. After this, he was trolled on social media.

Veena Malik has written in the tweet, ‘My name is Veena Malik and I oppose the atrocities committed by Indian on the women of Kashmir. You edit my name and write your name and tweet it in reply.’

After this, Veena Malik was fiercely trolled on social media. She was described as a laundry lady of Indian artist Ashmit Patel and was lashed. It is significant that when Veena Malik was in the show Bigg Boss in India, she was very close to the film actor Ashmit Patel. She was close and due to this she was also seen washing Ashmit Patel’s clothes. She has been trolled on social media for this matter. Veena Malik Apart from reality show Bigg Boss, he has also worked in Bollywood films.

One user has written, ‘My name is Avnejesh and I condemn Indian brutality on Veena Malik in Bigg Boss. Don’t edit it, put it like that’.

At the same time, a user wrote, ‘I condemn this crime committed by Indians. In this, a Pakistani woman is being forced to drink and kiss, which was later seen washing her clothes. Edit with your name. And apply it.

Veena Malik has tried her luck in Bollywood before moving to Pakistan and she is disappointed in it.


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