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The velvet city of the wilderness of the aboriginal houses of the tribe and the corporate intrigue behind it. An insurance company is planning to evacuate the tribes in the wild. To deny, that part of the fire. The secret document about it is available to the actress and the environment enthusiast Kasturi. His friend Varalakshmi from Media is trying to uncover it. Kasturi, who gives him information, Varalakshmi comes to Madurai from Madurai to be killed.

Velvet Nagaram Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

She stays at her friend’s villa and searches for the document that Kasturi said. Got it? Did he reveal the intrigue of the corporate? Here’s what happened to him. If only the story had gone this far, you would have seen a better film. But, from here on out, you have to go into the area of ​​the theft fraud gang, wherever you have to go, ‘then they can be chettuttangala, ok’ Gypsy Full Movie Download

The heroine Varalakshmi is excited entry. He gets angry from time to time. The second half gets into trouble and tears. Then when he sees that he is going to do something, the screenplay makes him do nothing. Her friend Malvika has expressed her fears and worries when her husband Pradeep is attacked by the gang, and when he runs away and does not know what is happening. Arjay, who comes in as the leader of the fraud gang, does not have much work.

Formally looking, phone. And with that he finished the job. Santosh Krishna holds the gun to his stock and asks, ‘Have you put a hand on me?’ That threatens him to death. Ramesh Tilak, who is a minor theft, is obsessed with them. There are others, including Kannan Ponniah. Two action blocks intimidate in the film. It is only in Velvet City that a gang of people are sitting in the house and firing a mega robbery plan at gunpoint because they have beaten the wrong man!

In the video of Bhagat Kumar’s opening, the view of those forests is cool. Single drone shots are using the biller model. Playing the background music is enjoyable. The scene from the policeman’s phone, Varalakshmi Usher, predicting the ringtone ‘Daddy pick up the phone’, is a tasty twist. Not enough for the whole movie!

Kasturi, who is an actress, knows the plight of the people of the hill country and wants to do them good. Corporate companies are trying to set fire to a mountain company and drive away the people living there. Knowing that the fire did not come naturally, artificially, Kasturi plans to prepare the documents and give it to Varalakshmi, the reporter.

In this case, Kasturi is murdered by a mysterious person. Realizing this, Varalakshmi seizes the musk’s documents and tries to find a solution for the people living in the hill country and who killed the musk. Then Varalakshmi is caught up with an unexpected money-laundering gang. Did Varalakshmi finally escape the money laundering gang? Did the documents seize? The rest of the film.

Varalakshmi, who played a reporter in the film, has realized the role she has been given and is perfect. She has given other actors a chance to act without being a heroine. Arjay is intimidating without villainy. Ramesh Tilak, a comedic actor, thinks of the film as good or bad. Singer Malavika Sundar is keeping an eye on the film. Other characters have done their job.

Director Manoj Kumar Nadarajan, who has taken on a different story, has had fans sit in the second half rather than the first half. The slow-paced screenplay ends up compact at one end without knowing where it goes. Bhagat Kumar’s cinematography and Saran Raghavan’s background music have contributed greatly to the script. Overall the ‘Velvet City’ is a lovely city.


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