[VIDEO] Ranveer Singh shouted to Deepika Padukone in live chat - Expose you

Pictures of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and actress Deepika Padukone reveal how much bonding between the two. Sometimes on social platforms, both do not back down from taking care of each other. Both have appeared together on several occasions and their chemistry is clearly visible. Recently a video has surfaced, in which he is seen shouting Ranveer Singh and telling Deepika Padukone that ‘Expose doing Tu me’.

Yes, you too will be surprised wondering how this can happen. Actually, Ranveer Singh was chatting live on Instagram with footballer Sunil Chhetri, which is like an interview. Earlier, Sunil Chhetri had also talked to Virat Kohli and now he has talked to Ranveer Singh. During this, Sunil Chhetri spoke to the actor on a number of issues, including acting, films and personal life.

During this, Sunil Chhetri also talked to Ranveer Singh about Deepika Padukone and the tennis match between them. Actually, many times Deepika Padukone has told how Ranvir Singh loses to her in tennis. Then Ranveer Singh gets angry and calls Deepika Padukone at home and shouts, ‘Baby … esposing tu me, rook.’

Well Ranveer Singh jokingly does all this and then talks to Sunil Chhetri about the tennis match. Ranveer says that at first he did not think he would lose like this, because he is an athlete himself, he thought he could beat Deepika, but it did not happen. He then told that when he was playing, he was very embarrassed and he could not perform anything special in front of Deepika Padukone.

If you talk about the best couples in Bollywood, then Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone ‘s name will definitely be included. Ranveer is always considered to be the husband that any girl would want in his life. Ranveer has also proved this thing many times. Though Ranveer may have been a good husband and boyfriend, he has not yet fulfilled his promise to Deepika.

Recently, Ranveer revealed this in an Instagram chat with Captain Sunil Chhetri of the Indian football team. He said, ‘I used to brag to impress Deepika and her family that I make very good butter chicken. I also used to say that when I was studying in university in the US, I used to make the best butter chicken in the whole city and not only India but people from Pakistan and Bangladesh also used to stand at my door to eat chicken. ‘

However, Ranveer did not fulfill the promise of feeding his hand butter chicken to Deepika and her family. Talking on this, he said, ‘I fed the chicken but cheated in it. I prepared it by adding readymade mixes. I thought that if you use a packet of readymade then nobody pays attention, then I had no other way because I only know how to make eggs. ‘

Even though Ranveer does not know cooking, he said that Deepika loves cooking. He said, ‘Deepika is fond of cooking and she is much better than me in this work. So I help them in the kitchen. Whenever she cooks Thai food for me during the lockdown period, I help her in the kitchen.

The estrangement between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone is not hidden from anyone. Kangana has openly criticized or mocked Deepika on several occasions. Although their relationship is better now than before, they cannot still be called normal. Come, let’s see how Kangana’s anger has been inflicted on Deepika.

How hard Ranveer Singh works for his characters is not hidden from anyone. Now he has told a shocking thing. Ranveer told in an interview that he had stapled in his stomach for shooting a scene of the robber so that he could bring expression.

Deepika Padukone and her husband Ranveer Singh are at home these days. They are spending a good time together during the lockdown caused by the Corona virus. During an interview recently, Deepika told that she cannot sit empty. Ranveer has a problem with this. He also complains to the Family WhatsApp group. Deepika and Ranveer are in isolation. At this time, domestic help is not coming at home, so all are doing household work themselves. In such a situation, Deepika got a back strain while cleaning. Even after this, she did not sit to rest. She says that her mother had the same complaint and now Ranveer does. He tells them that can’t she sit in one place? Can’t you stop doing something all the time? Deepika says that she does not know but she keeps doing something all the time.


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