VIDEO: These superstars ran fast on masks on the streets of Mumbai, people could not recognize

The lockdown also had a brake on the life of Bollywood celebs, which is now slowly being removed. Celebs are coming out of the house in connection with shooting or for workouts. Celebs have also been seen outside the house for some days and their photos are being shared on social media. Meanwhile, actor Ranbir Kapoor was seen riding a bicycle. However, the actor had packed his mouth completely with a cover cloth, making it quite difficult to identify him.

A video of the actor is being shared on Instagram, in which he wore a blue full tshirt, black loer and kept his mouth covered. It is seen in the video that Ranbir Kapoor was cycling at high speed and he went straight out on the road, which no one could recognize. Very few people are recognizing Ranbir Kapoor after watching this video. By the way, Ranbir has appeared outside the house after a long time.

Some pictures of the actor were recently shared on social media, when he celebrated his mother Neetu Kapoor’s birthday. During this time, his sister Riddhima Kapoor also shared pictures of birthday celebrations on social media. Riddhima Kapoor is very active on social media and keeps sharing information related to Kapoor family on social media.

Rumored to be Corona virus positive

Recently, rumors of Ranbir Kapoor and his family being infected with corona virus also flew. After this, Riddhima Kapoor denied this news and told the truth of the news. Riddhima Kapoor posted on Instagram with this message going viral, ‘Attention grabbing? At least check its veracity. We are healthy and healthy. Stop spreading rumors. ‘ Actually, many Bollywood celebrities have also got Covid-19 positive.


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